Over 100,000 Iraq Casualties

This is frm Reuter’s, apparently Coalition forces have killed over 100,000 Iraqis so far, mostly women and children.


Keep in mind there are people who support this, in America, the most “benevolent” country in the world. Isn’t it great how more than 50% of americans play math games with Iraqi casualties?

Meh, it’s just humans.

Most people who count this shit up usually use it to support their anti-war stance.

While I find it disturbing that mostly women and children have been killed, keep in mind that the numbers are from Iraqi’s who lost loved ones. Their loved ones may very well be civilians, but a good amount are also insurgents that got killed fighting coalition forces. They will be upst about the deaths regardless of if they were fighting coalition forces or not, similar to how Americans are upset about our 1,000+. I don’t doubt the numbers at all, I find quite sad that the Iraqi deaths are so high, espcially when thinking about how we’ve been there about a year and a half and will be there for a while.

The article said many of the casualties were women and children, not mostly.
Mostly would mean something like 75,000, but many could mean anything, like 100

No, the article said most:

“Most individuals reportedly killed by coalition forces were women and children,” Roberts added.

If that’s true, then someone’s going to pay for it sooner or later.