Outrageous Series:Nintendo episode

So,what do you all think about this episode thats going to air next week.

When did nintendo start putting warnings about seizures in the booklets that came with the games? How many seizures have there been with nintendo games?

Ahhh… I’ll have to watch this, as I can actually get BBC3 now- there was a recent thread about the Nintendo/seizure connection, and I believe the people trying to sue Nintendo were written off as a bunch of money-grubbers (seizure warnings have been in Nintendo game booklets for as long as I’ve been playing them- namely, twelve years), but this documentary could shed new light on the whole matter…

Sounds kinda dumb.

Unfortunately, only British gamers will get a chance to see if the program’s charges are mere hype or have actual merit.

Well they obviously dont. -_-

  1. Ever since the NES days…

  2. Rarely ever.

Thats what i thought but wasnt sure, since was little back in that day. Be interesting what you think of the show Nebagram.

Speaking of seizures, what ever happened to that lady who was sueing Nintendo for giving her son a seizure, and wanted Nintendo to put a big “THIS GAME COULD CAUSE A SEIZURE” logo on the screen during gameplay?

She realized how stupid she was.