Out of interest

Whose’s idea was it to give post ranking based on Earthbound enemies?

we’re ranking posts now? I give yours an F.

It’s Earthbound. How could they not? Next question.

The old ranking was dumber anyway. If i remember correctly, it was just generic RPG classes like ‘squire’ and stuff.

Yeah, the current ranking system was Merl’s idea - I think it’s pretty cool, heh.


Yea, the Earthbound ones are much better.

They’re different, that’s for sure.

You guys are dumb, you should have been able to tell it was - AIIIEEE Gets icepicked

Except Earthbound blows. Next question.

It was teh dev0l! *Nod, nod.
I’m glad I have a custom title.

When I joined, the EB titles were a nice welcoming touch, because that was the gateway game into my video game life. So it was very symbolic to me lights a candle

you’re next, Kagon.

man you’re so baind.

jeez, I’m getting around to suggesting a new ladder and now you guys want to finally praise this one. Thanks a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

For what it’s worth, I always liked it. ^^;

Fuck, switch it if you want >>;

No, Sorcerer is right, Earthbound blows…

…away all competition! With a game that cheesy, its gotta be fun. Seriously, I can’t get enough bad humor.

Oh my god, they killed SG! :open_mouth: