Our Purpose!

Welcome! As most are aware and others will be shocked to know, these forums are merely the tumorous swelling attached to the main body of RPGClassics. Our pride and joy, and reason for continued existence, is our body of shrines covering countless (only because I haven’t bothered to…) games. Naturally we pride ourselves on quality, and are always trying to make sure that what we have up is the best that it can be. Now, a long ways back in once-upon-ago times, we didn’t particularly critique each other’s work, and whenever said something was done we put it up for all to see. Maybe five years back we really started examining shrines before we put them up. Now, this is not a particularly difficult task: we look at each page, make suggestions, and move on. The problem is that sometimes none of us have played the game in question, or we have 5 shrines up on the block together, and we get burned out after inspecting the second one, leaving the other three to languish.

Perhaps a month back or so, in one of the staff’s frequent threads about improving the site, someone (shockingly, it was not me) suggested we <strike>sucker</strike> invite our forum community into the shrine review process, as then there would be more suggestions made and more people who’ve played one game or another to review.

Others will have things to add on their own, but here’s how I generally review a shrine:

-Look at every page. Every single page. Make sure all the links work.
-Keep an eye out to see if the page looks decent. Note anything so minor as even where a table background might look better (or, alternately, where weird coloring or layout gets in the way of the information).
-Spelling and grammar are the demons of every website. If the shrine’s creator has made errors too numerous to catalogue, just note that they have to really go back and look things over. If there are only scattered errors, just point them out.

Content matters are our biggest worry. A table only has monster hp/mp instead of str, vit, agi, and all those other pesky stats? Say it. Shrines are more difficult to put together the more complex a game is. Even for simpler games it is very, very easy to overlook something when you’re focused on another aspect of a game. This is something we’ve always tried to do, and we think bringing more people into the process will result in better shrines.

One other thing to note: <text color=“00FF00”><b>THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT FORUM</b></text>. For the time being, this forum is only for the shrines we bring to attention on it. Every now and then someone sends the Join Page maintainer a message saying “I think I’m done!” If they seem to be done, I’ll put the link to that shrine here, and everyone can have at it. Please restrain yourselves to those shrines. If you have comments on exisiting shrines, please forward them to their maintainers. If the maintainers don’t do anything, try contacting other members of the site. But not on this forum.

Also, be polite. This is not a request. If someone spelled half their words wrong, you do not have the right to call them stupid, not on this board. I will ask for a ban immediately if you do. If you find errors in someone’s work, call them such, but do it kindly. That’s what will allow the creator to correct them.

So, that’s that! We usually have one or two things to look at any given month. I think we’ll be keeping a thread in the main forum to post in to let everyone know when a new thread shows up here, too.

One other thing to note: THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT FORUM

But that is totally what this forum should be. There are some existing shrines which need complaints.

Steps before leaps, young Skywalker-cricket. Or whatever sounds wise.

Look at it this way: if the shrine maintainer isn’t answering your emails, chances are that person’ll ignore anything you post here as well.

Isn’t [strike]public ridicule[/strike] constructive criticism powerful enough a motivation for change?


does it have any purpose, then? :stuck_out_tongue:

What could possibly be the matter, our current shrines are practically perfect in every way!

It’s a non-starter.

Don’t cut-and-run.

Not going to play the blame game.


Hello! I created a way to classify the characters in all those videogames where you have to create a team at the beginning.

Here attached are three samples. How about them?


Here three more RPV-Triangles.

The idea is simple: in every Role-Playing Videogame there are three main attributes, usually Strength, White Magic and Black Magic (or sometimes Strength, Magic and Dexterity), and the characters in the videogame have these in different proportions.

The idea came when I tried to sort out which party to use in “Ultima 3 - Exodus”, where there are eleven of them! I applied the scheme to other Nintendo videogames (yes, I play only Nintendo), and found out it always works well.

Are they worth being published in the respective shrines?