Our most frequent updater

Happy Birthday Walhalla!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Walhalla. Many happy returns!

Happy birthday, li’l sis.

(Is it to soon to wish for a happy belated birthday? No? Oh well then…)

Happy Birthday Walhalla and Seifer. Congrats! :toast:

(Now how about bringing out one of your famous fan art update eh?)

Happy Birthday :chupon:

Happy Birthday guys! :biggrin:

Hippo birdbath!

Happy birthday, happy birthday, yays! hula hula hula :dancer: :dancer:


Thank you, guys. :ulty:

Kill: I can’t anyway. My hugeass laptop died this weekend and I have to wait for my replacement. :confused:

PS: Hi, Seifer.

Happy birthdays!

Happeh Birfday! :moogle:

Happy birthday you dedicated staffer you!

Happy Birthday.

Yeah, happy birthday and stuff.

A toast to “the most frequent updater”:

Za zdorovie - to your health, Walhalla.

Happy birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday – Hope it was full of fun!

I’ve been intensely beaming out psychic “Happy Birthday” wishes using the powers of my gigantic brain, but in case those didn’t work, Cid said it best.