other than John Kerry...

I understand…

Ducas (sp?), he drove a tank

Dukakis was the tank driver of the '88 election.

Yeah i know, and he should have won

I mean, he could drive a tank

But since I’m not American, I guess I would’ve had to go with Wesley Clark.

I would have wanted Howard Dean…But even though I support Nader, I will vote for Kerry just to get the greater of Two Evils out. Protest Votes are never successful.

That’s what my friend Jessica says. She does think as I do that Kerry’s the lesser of the two evils. She’s a big Nader fan and although I’m a little cruel telling her she’s throwing her vote away, she still insists on protest voting for Nader b/c she thinks that a powerful rival third party is in the works soon. Oh how I shake my head from her lack of realism.

You haven’t lost support for Nader even though he is backed by the Reform party which is even mroe conservative than Bush? It doesn’t bother you that he is goign against his morals?

That in fact does bother me… I personally think Nader should stick to grassroots campaigns. And another reason for me to vote for Kerry. Besides the fact that a protest vote will get you nowhere. Also a Protest vote will more than likely take a vote away from Kerry, not Bush