other than John Kerry...

who do you wissh had won the primary?
I liked Dean he could really get a crowd worked up

but it dosent matter I am voting for Nader

Wesley Clark and/or John McCain…both Nam vets with some serious credibility and tactical know-how to actual run this country right.

I think Dean/Edwards would’ve made a good pair.

But McCain is neither Democrat nor ran in the Democratic primary. Although, I guess you could be referring to the 2000 Republican primary, in which case I thought McCain was the best guy.

Dean. A number of registered voters I know are voting for Bush just because they don’t like Kerry.

Yeah, same here. I so wanted McCain to win the 200 primaries and become President. I’m a registered Democrat, but I would have voted for McCain if he went against Gore. Hell, I read some of the things that he says and I just wish his was oru President. He is quite moderate and seems to generally care. Granted I don’t like how he sometimes just supports Bush blindly, but ti seems to be mroe of a thing for party support. I wish the Clark had won the primaries. He definitely could have given Bush a run for the money of the war in Iraq. He probably would have also got many votes from military personnel since he would mostly look out for their/our interests. Being a Democrat, he probably would have cared for some of the other issues that Bush ahs ignored. I was pretty busy so I wasn’t able to follow a lot of his campaign and can’t say a lot. I don’t think that Kery should eb the candidate since he only won in Iowa, a nothing state, it isn’t a battleground state and has few electoral votes. He pretty much won in Iowa and everyone started voting for him. I don’t like how Dean handled getting out of the race which hurt his image in my mind. As for Nader, I just fuckign hate him. I don’t think that he was a spoiler in 2000 and he had every right to run in 200, however now he is running for a party at the opposite end of the spectrum which is only supporting him to help Bush. Also, if Nader seriously believes that he can win, he is more disillusioned than Bush and Iraq. Plus, he takes people like Zhare who would have voted for Kerry, who actually has a chance of winning the election, away and makes it so that Bush needs fewer votes in a state to win it. If Nader is willing to run for a party that is the polar opposite of his ideology. This hurts his credibility and makes me question his sticking with his ideology should he be elected. He is also stupid to think that he may win and doesn’t mind riskign a very conservative person winning. I wouldn’t mind him running in 2008 for the Greens or as an independent, but he is a fucking moron to run now.

No…I’m just saying who I’d rather have as Pres…regardless of political affiliation or willingness to run.

Check my sig. Bob Dole is the only politician I ever truly loved…=(

Oh come on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably Wesley Clark, if only because anyone who beat Bush would have to handle Iraq, and he’s got the military experience.

Edwards was my pick.

Politicians all suck. ANARCHY!



Politicians do suck but sorry…anarchy won’t work…just like communism.

I know…I just wanna be contrary. ^^

i’m a plain and honest man

I sure hope that was made by the guy who did the real “real ultimate power” otherwise its a lame line for liner copy…

Um, that was the point, and that’s why it’s funny. It’s funny for the same reason the "<a href="http://www.msu.edu/~couilla6/ninja/hippo.htm">Hippo</a>" page is funny (and I’ve never heard anybody speak ill of the hippo page…'twould be a sacrilige). It’s a parody, nobody’s saying that it’s any more or less than that.

But it’s far cooler, since Bob Dole is more awesome than all the ninjas and hippos in the world combined.


Yeah, Dole IS the man… God, we need more presidents who feel women up, they are the best ones weve had! Kenedy, Clinton… man, good times.