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disk map

provisional item guide layout. input would be helpful

SaGa Frontier Character Stat Growth Values–Unconfirmed
(These values are bytes 30-37 of each character’s INITDATA entry)
Chart by Zaraktheus


White Rose________12______8_____4

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Glad you like it Polygon. If you haven’t seen the thread on GFAQs some wonky things were happening with tech learning when I was playing with what is presently labeled as the CHA and HP bytes so we may have that tech jazz here, too. :slight_smile:

Status bit information:
1: Stasis?
2: Infinity–Magician Arcane effect? Does nothing(?) if given to a character.
4: Sparkle–VMAX effect If applied via GameShark, etc., locks actual VMAX skill, but does not increase stats/provide skills
8: Sparkle–SoulRune effect
10: Sparkle–Awakening effect
20: Blind
40: Stone
80: Venom
0100: Angry
0200: Charm
0400: Mess (Red)
0800: Mess (Yellow)
1000: Mess (Blue)
2000: Sleep
4000: Palsy
8000: Flat–Faint? Still alive, if HP>0

is there a hidden weapon or ability that let’s characters use “Punch”? if there is, is there any difference between the “Punch” humans have equipped and the “Punch” mystics, mechs, and monsters have? if there is, then the one humans have probably lets them spark techs. requires a bit of testing.

in the character-based stat-up probability list, are there any listings for monsters or mechs? if there are i assume they’re all 00. what happens if you set them to values other than zero? same question, but for mystics stats beyond charm and hp?

I don’t see any reason why there would need to be a separate version of Punch to prevent Mystics/Mecs/Monsters from sparking techs. Though I have not yet tested this, I think the race byte (16) determines whether and what techs a character can spark. We can equip the same swords and guns used by Humans on Mystics and Mecs, but while the Humans can use the weapons’ basic attacks to spark techs, the Mystics and Mecs cannot, which strongly suggests that the ability to spark is intrinsic to the race, not the weapon.

For Character Stat Growth Values, all Mecs and Monsters have 00 across the board, and Mystics all have 00 everywhere but the last two bytes–the ones I have tentatively identified as CHA and HP. I have plans to test whether changing these values would allow Mystics/Mecs/Monsters to naturally improve stats they normally couldn’t, but I expect they will not be able to. Since there are some 00 values even among humans, yet all humans can naturally grow all stats, I believe the ability to grow certain stats is again intrinsic to race (or at least determined elsewhere).

What I really wanna know once and for all is whether or not weapons effect the rate of stat growth. I mean, it’s obvious that they determine WHICH stats get raised, but I’m almost positive they affect growth RATES as well.

Case in point: Look at Liza’s HP growth. Liza generally has high HP, and never falls behind when I use her. And yet, the growth rate table rates her as having the lowest HP growth rate of any human in the game. Generally, my humans all stay within about 30-50 HP of each other, except for Gun/Magic users, which are behind by about 100-150 HP almost every time.

If there is no conclusive evidence of whether or not this has any effect on anything, that would be something worth checking out.

And another thing would be to finally prove or falsify whether or not Emelia’s costumes have any effect on her abilities, since the japanese names seem to imply that they do:

Pink Tiger = Pink Tiger (although, remember Liza’s line, "It’s (a good enough costume) for a Martial Arts tournament.)

Bunny Emelia = Magical Bunny

Dancer Emelia = Sword Dancer

Commando Emelia = Lethal Commando (it’s a bit of a stretch, but think of the LethalGuns.)

I know you guys have your own personal things you’re probably looking for, but I think these are some interesting things worth looking into.

Regarding in-battle status bytes:

In-battle byte 48: DirtyFang = 40
In-battle byte 49: Evaporate = 04
In-battle byte 55: WallRune = 02

[i]Regarding in-battle status bytes:

In-battle byte 48: DirtyFang = 40
In-battle byte 49: Evaporate = 04
In-battle byte 55: WallRune = 02[/i]


Oh! It took me a bit to remember. Those are the in-battle status bytes that change when those attacks are used, and what they change to. They apply to the enemy–in this case they were noticed when attacking the first enemy. I was testing…something at the time. Don’t remember what. ;s

so… could these be some of the status effects for the first byte of status effect data in item data?

nevermind, i could test them myself super easy.

@Zaraktheus: how does one do a RAM search? I’m familiar with pSX and a few free hex editors, and completely lost with PEC.

Vimes: To search RAM, I use pec with ePSXe. pec has a feature they call “chu”, or “cheat hacking unit” which can search some/all RAM for any value you give it. To get to chu, hit Ctrl+H while in ePSXe with pec running in the background. Tell it how many consecutive bytes you want to search for, whether the value you’re inputing is dec or hex, and the value itself. It offers several ranges of memory addresses you can choose to search (I believe all the item/ability data so far has been in what they call the “code segment”). Click “Search” and it’ll quickly return all the addresses in the selected range that have the desired value. Obviously, the larger the string you input, and the smaller the range you search, the less results you’ll get, making it easier to find what you’re actually looking for.

If you’re searching for more than one consecutive byte, it’s helpful to know that, by default, chu takes your input value as “higher address to lower address”. I can’t speak for you, but I prefer to input in the order “lower address to higher address”. For instance, if you know:

Byte:__01 02 03 04
Value:_8C C8 09 FF

and you want to search for this string of values by inputting 8CC809FF instead of FF09C88C, then your mind works the way mine does. chu defaults to the other way, but by checking the box for “Reversed Bytes”, you can switch it to my way of thinking. The address returned in this case will be that of the lowest byte; in my example, inputting 8CC809FF with Reversed Bytes will return the address whose value = 8C. The remaining three bytes’ values’ addresses then would obviously be +1, +2, and +3.

Hope that helps! I can’t speak much to pSX because, unfortunately, that emulator hates me. It hangs every time I try to do a memcard save/load in SF, so I quickly abandoned it, which is a real shame, since it has a built-in debugger that could probably be immensely helpful.

googled the memory card matter… it works if you load the memory card in the second slot. if you go to configuration in the pSX menu and click the memory card tab, it should let you eject the memory card in the first slot and load it in the second.

The debugger in pSX is still a little wonky IIRC, but yeah, it works…I think there were breakpoint issues (it skips certain opcodes, meaning it may jump past where you wanted it to break–I think that’s the way it was explained.)

Any ideas how this game hides the text?


Step 1 - insert the game disk into your computer.
Step 2 - use MagicISO to make an image of the game.
Step 3 - you could also just copy the games files onto your hard drive too.
Step 4 - SCUS_942.30 in a hex editor
- some of the games text is in here. you can edit item names, ability names, character names, and random stuff like menu text and descriptions. be careful, there are commands in here used in the game.

Did anyone notice there are 8 MESGX in the MESG folder? enough for every main character.

MAP.OUT has some of the questions you are asked when you begin a new game.

BATTLE.OUT has some battle messages.

i have checked it’s really great

Checked what?