Otakon 2005

Anyone going this year? I <i>might</i> be, if i can round up a group of people to go…so if you plan on going, post here and tell me :stuck_out_tongue: I hate going alone, or going with the kids from my school.

Some friends went last year, I might go

Location, plz. I thought about going. But transportation is sorely lacking, and if it’s not in the Denver area, I’m fucked.

Edit: Even If I lived near Baltimore, you couldn’t pay me enough money to go there again. Baltimore sucks. I got crabs there. and not seafood, either.

ahahaha dude its in baltimore :stuck_out_tongue:

A bunch of people who are in the anime club at my school usually go, and if my parents don’t forbid me, I’m going to be there too.