I’m not sure if this should go under here.
Anyway, I’ve noticed, people prefer mixed characters to original stuff. Like, half-elf to an original elf, or a half-angel-half-demon to an angel or a devil.
So I’ve decided to draw a half-thing character, I just can’t think of any unique ones.
Any suggestions? (ps try to make the types humanoid, so they’ll be asier to draw =P)

Media Forum.

I like normal human girls. They’re fun to breed with. Especially 13 year old asians.

That’s sick, Hades. I don’t know how you can touch an asian so old.

Seriously though, I wanna see a half dragon half elf. An elf with scalesss, but not on the face. Face scales suck. Give her like, a pale white face with a blueish tint, and regions of blue scales on the rest of her body, but don’t make her covered in them. That would be baaad. And give her either a giant lance or a badass looking bow that looks like it could like, explode a mountain with one arrow.

Opinions suck.

Half fox! Do it! NOW!

I preferr pure breeds, thanks. No dirty mixed blood.


I think a half human, half dragon would be nice, I haven’t seen one of them for a while.

Or maybe something that is half human, half tiger, but more human than tiger in the face.

My only opinions that I’d make note of:

  1. Fury stuff is a rising fetish, but is disgusting and gross to me, real people are better.
  2. Cammy.
  3. The wild arms pic in your avy is cool, did you do it? I like the color work, but the proportions could use some work (namely, Rudy looks a whole lot of fucked up). Above all, the overall composition of it is nicely done.
  4. I really dont like furry stuff, at least not when people draw themselves as fury alter egos and live them as online personas and interact with other fury boys and girls “yiffing” about with one another, loosing the fact that reality feels better… O_O (I’m a really big anti-fury)

Actually, that Rudy picture is perfectly porportioned, Izlude. The neck almost looks like it isn’t, but if you pay attention it’s just part of his collar wrapping around it.

one male cat demihuman please. if possible with orange fur, red baggy pants, blue head band, brown hair,ordinary tale not bushy, and a white patch of fur on his stomach.

…shut up izlude. :moogle:

I want you to draw Koneko Bloodblossom the Half-Elven, vampiric catgirl ranger priestess who rides atop her unicorn familiar, Velvet Starlight. And then I want you to shoot me for ever coming up with that monstrosity.

give me one day so I can open it up in photoshop and point out the parts that I am talking about so you can see what I mean. But Im currently on a laptop in a hotel and dont have a copy of photoshop. I guess I can analyze without pointing it out though-

The neck is messed up, I’m not sure if its because Rudy’s left shoulder is stretched too far over or if its somthing else about the image that doesnt look right, the point is, it feels unnatural looking when you see it and that is an indicator that somthing is wrong, you shouldnt have to sit there trying to figure out how what makes it look right.

The right leg gets pretty bowed after the knee, legs dont do that, nor does the human muscle structure Shush, I know hes a robot…

The left hand, O_O, so look at the pinky, and see where the Obductor digiti minimi (thats the karate chop muscle on the medial side of your hand) falls on the gun? If that were correct anatomy then the pinky and a good portion of his fingers wouldnt be visible. OR his hand got really swolen. Basically, the way it is shown is that his fingers are excessively longer than they really would be all because of one misdrawn line.

Point and case is, I’d rather not have point out this stuff with this tone, but I had to cause Hades said there was nothing wrong with it. I know my artwork is not perfect, but I’m going to school for this and have to know my shit. I’m sure if you got out an anatomy book and sat down with this picture you’ll see what I’m talking about.

While the composition remains well made, I’ll still reiderate that I dont believe Rudy’s anatomy deserves any awards. Just constructive criticism.

And a side note to all artists on the site:
I’d be happy to do this on any artwork posted if you’d like to improve on the little things, but post drafts so we can fix the problems before you put all that work of coloring and inking into it.

Thank you for all the comments.
I was thinking of doing something like the capricorn sign, half human half bull.
Any comments?

Sounds cool, I was always excessively fond of the Final Fantasy Tactics version of the Aries Lucavi. (its like a humanoid Ram with 4 arms.)

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Yes, it’s been done. I think by Young Wang. He draws all kinds of Zodiac sign characters.

Izlude: I see what you mean now, about the hand thing. The leg bow is forgiveable (from the right angle, calves do actually bend that way, though that wouldn’t be the right angle >>;) and the only problem with the neck is the way light falls on it. I agree you shouldn’t have to SEARCH for the correct shape of it, but there’s nothing wrong, anatomically. It’s the color only.

I think the leg problem is really just stylism. I’m sure we could both point each other to a huge number of deliberately wrong pictures that are still beautiful.

And as long as I’m talking about stylism, if either of us wanted to critique this ANIME style picture REALISTICALLY, we could probably find two dozen problems on the head alone, like how the eyes are 3 or 4 times bigger than they should be, and how noses aren’t pylons.

True that, however, lots of anime still follows the set prinicipals of anatomy. Although most anime have tore to shit the idea of what a face is supposed to look like, alot of them are returning to a realistic simplified form of the body.

Examples of anime that DOESNT do that is Aeon Flux (spelling right?) and Amazing Nurse Nanako… cause shes just… so… busty… o.o :biggrin:

That pic’s one of the official pics released by the game artists, I think.

Tales of Symphonia sort of did that when Collette started turning into an exsphere The differance was that it was a human but it did look like a half dragon because of the scales.

Examples of anime that DOESNT do that is Aeon Flux (spelling right?) and Amazing Nurse Nanako… cause shes just… so… busty… o.o :biggrin:[/QUOTE]

Lol, you watched Nanako as well? Actually I find the busty part…um, pretty cute. =) I mean, hers was really huge.