Opinions wanted

Hi everybody. I’m currently underway on constructing the Wild ARMs 3 shrine with Kagon, and since it’s a PS2 game, I’m unable to provide much in the way of pictures and screencaps. The thing is; I’ve come up with what I believe to be a very nice walkthrough template that doesn’t use screencaps, but could easily integrate them in if I were to ever get a TV capture card or something like that.

What I need is opinions how it looks and how easy it is to understand. Don’t judge the relevance of the information on the page; it’s a quick walkthrough section I wrote off the top of my head.

Here is the link:

Is it any good? Easy on the eyes and easy to understand? Thank you all for your input!

I think it’s pretty comprehensive, doesn’t give much in the way of spoilers, either. Nice.

Looks good to me.

I don’t see any problems. You should still include “the quote that dares not speak its name”. I wouldn’t capitalize the elements in the enemy descriptions.

Thank you, everyone. I’ll fix the caps thing, and I’ll sneak that quote in there somewhere… heh. Poor Weiila. 8)

The ‘Which is precisely why this car is off-limits to all passengers’ quote? What is it with her and that thing anyway? :3

We held a caption contest a while back where the winner would receive a free copy of Wild ARMs 3. The caption had to be a quote that followed that particular quote, and the people who judged the contest had to read through that line of text thousands and thousands of times.

Ah. Right. I can see it in my head now, and it burns like brain-fire.

Are the results still up? >:D

I remember a few months ago someone brought up the topic and one of the staff posted the entire list of submissions.

Very nice.
You deserve a cookie!

And that is precisely the reason this shrine is off limits. hahahaha

but seriously, Wild Arms 3 sucks. and I want my money back!

The shrine looks pretty good. It looks very nice. Pictures would help (they always do), but being a PS2 games makes that hard I know. Good job!