Open Casting Call for the Second Annual Twisted RPG Theatre Halloween Episode

<img src=“”> If you guys remember last year in this thread that I asked members of RPGC to ask to join a Halloween theme episode of TRT which had most of the people from that thread attending a party at a haunted house. This year is pretty much the same, even so the villains will be different, and there is no gaint ghost monster at the end.

<b><center>Final Character List</b></center>

  1. Rirse - Jafar

  2. StarryPeach - Angela

  3. Agent Proto - Viewtiful Joe

  4. Darth Bowser - Doctor Octopus

  5. Mabatsekker - Blue Mage (classic)

  6. Charlemagne - Buckaroo Banzai

  7. Nightblade - Jason

  8. Cala - Black Cat

  9. Wilfredo - Beetlejuice

  10. Evangelion - Freya

  11. Bluemageone - Blue Mage

  12. GG - Psycho Mantis

  13. Pierson - Lezard

  14. Val - Optimus Prime

  15. kiro - Nuku or Dancer

  16. Big Nutter - Pink Ranger

  17. PC - Solid Snake

  18. Makko - Witch

  19. Crotanks - Ocelot

  20. Eden99 - Jakk

  21. Walhalla - Assasin

  22. Yar Kramer - Kaneda

  23. Merlin - George Jetson

  24. Trillian - Alice (Resident Evil movie)

  25. FryGuy - Captain N

  26. Daryl - Sailor Neptune

  27. Dragon God - Lute Player

StarryPeach, Fry Guy, Daryl, Agent Proto, and Darth Bowser ARE real people, they are not just random made up people from my site.

<center><b>Final Remarks</b></center>

I am hoping for a great turnout like last year, so give me thoughts on how the story should go and stuff. Seeya.


Sure, count me in. I have yet to appear on a TRT. An original appearance!!

  1. I had a sprite sheet made for me by X-Hunter, but I lost my copy and he ain’t around anymore. So, please, make me a sprite. Just use an Edgar sprite from FF6, except with black hair, and you have the (ideal) me.

  2. Costume: I been thinking of being Beetlejuice for this year’s Halloween. Michael Keaton rocks!!

  3. You should know how I talk by now, but in case: I’m always the voice of reason… until I come up with something REALLY silly to say, in an attempt to be “hip”. ; )

  4. Any role would be OK, but I prefer being a hero.

The story: How about RPGC meets the Famous Movie Monsters? Assuming they aren’t too hard to sprite.

:get it?: -I don’t think Rirse will use Wil in TRT.
:booster: -Why not?
:get it?: -He’s been ripping off his sprite gimmick for a while now.
:booster: -He HAS??
:get it?: -…Booster, he’s doing it right now. With US.
:booster: -…Oh.

Costume: From his generic clothinhg into a generic pokémon trainer… hey, it’s a good sport, dudes. Maybe I’ll have a sprite with some pokéballs hanging from my belt. >_>;

Heck, the one I gave you is pretty much okay for the role. No need for alterations.

And I’m a super hero in general. Whatever my current ‘job’ is, I still fight for truth, reasonable justice and good kebab. Blue Mage, Martial Artist, Pokémon Trainer… Any one of these roles, I can still be a super hero >;)

Me and mog would love to guest star in a comic and I’ve got just the costume for mog.

:moogle: OH GOD NOT THAT!!!

Sprite magic attack!

please kill me.

I will be going as jay and silent bob unless I fix a costume in time.
I’m fun loving and like to crack jokes when ever I can no matter how corny they may be.
I fight by casting spells like firaga.
I also have one special abilities.
my sprite magic attack witch actaualy so far i can only use to turn people into sailor scouts.

Yaaay i’m in for this year since I couldn’t get a sprite last year. I’ll use this one :smiley:

<img src=“”>

Speech: Very regal and punctual. Can sound harsh and very commanding at times. May have a superiority complex >>

Combat: I (she?) used to be a valkyrie so she’s very wise in the art of war and ancient weapons (and how to use them). Usually hovers in the air and is very feline like in movements (ie, very quick and agile) and is without weapon now. Uses attacks called Ether Freeze or Ether Strike which is white energy throw from her hands.

So is this like us, or the sprite? I’m guessing you’re writing about us, but I want my sprite as Freya and you can make me just like her, as I described above :stuck_out_tongue: Do I need any more?

edit: eee someone make that transparent plz ;_;

<---- My sprite is my avatar

I fight with a sword, and some lame blue magic spells. I don’t really care what I say, just as long as i get killed by someone or something.
Costume: cheesy 70’s cop, with cheap leather jacket and aviator sunglasses.


Although if you insist;

oh tee hee use Pierson’s sprite then it’s much prettier.

You should still have my sprite sheet from last year. If not, contact me via AIM.

I usualy speak in a casual, easy-going manner, and tend to be a bit of a wiseass. My fighting style is katana fighting, and I favor speed over strength.

Dress me up as Psycho Mantis.

Meh. Why not. Rirse, my old one was crappy. I’ll go with this; rename it as a .gif 'cause Geocities sucks.

I’ll do the cat outfit; if you don’t have it, I can send it to you, or you can just nab it <a href=“”>here</a> or just <img src=“”>. Either or. :stuck_out_tongue:

And if I can do some editing, I might make a small retinue of Slimes. >.> And you should know how I talk and act. And I’d love to be Epic’s date again. >.>

I didn’t agree to be in the first one.

I’ve got My Sprite Collection here. F

Several of the sprites in RPGFiles where done by me but are real people. I’ve got told off with the Bikini one. So Ask if your are going to use any of them Excluding Myself(s) and the OS Girls.

MMmm. Pink Ranger. (Bob, BnG) I’ll prepare one or I think if a better one…

For real Battles I use staff. Kinda like Kilik from Soul Calabour 2. I mainy do throws or use it to gain Hight to drop on attackers. And in extreem battles I throw the staff (or stick it where the sun doesn’t shine) and if it sticks Use all my MP in a Thunder attack. I onlu use MP for recovering myself.

If there’s Drink Flowing (espesally if the Alcohol hasn’t be opened), I lick blokes faces. and I dont really drink and it a great excuese for me to be out of character if you want/need to.

Got that Mr De Blood…

Blood… Yum. Can I join? The Name’s Dark Angel. If you need some one to at act as friend of Nutter in your Gal. I think Map demon mode will do.

Big Nutter
Great, your leaving that farting one… WindyTWIT at home then.

I will like to join too, please.
But I don’t have a sprite ,could you please make one for me?? If it’s not too much trouble. I like Rydia, but with black hair.

ha! glad to see u restarted trt hope this ones as fun as the last was :).

I’d suggest clarifying as to whether it’s young or adult Rydia you’re talking about, Dearie. Also, choose a different clothing set, too. I don’t think that Rydia’s bright green robes would look that well with black hair.

And Rirse, I guess you can count me in. But I don’t want to just be some edited Rydia sprite, no. I want to be OPTIMUS FRIGGIN’ PRIME. Also, I want to have a real working gun on it, so I can blow stuff up.

Does this have something to do with that quip I launched out a few months ago? :X

Can I be in it? I don’t have a sprite, but if someone could make me one(Nuku Nuku)Hint Hint Cough Cough.

All right. Some one gonna get the staff after and not on VBT mode… VBT mode is a hit with the ladies during the night. Ohhh Yesh!

Awwww. I “vanted” to suck your blood. (Seen as Darkie coming as Vampire You can do her character in a Vampire if you vant) (I’ve had trouble doing her teeth, your free to add them (but don’t remove the wings))

In real life i occationally stammer and ussally end up having some one else finnish the sentance off for me.

Big Nutter
These sprite are for use only by Rise De Blood or whom ever the screen name belongs to and Big Nutter or Mike Sharpe. (Sorry legal bit)

Hey, Rirse, I forgot to ask: WHAT games can you use sprites from? I’m asking for the sake of those of us who might want to use more modern sprites. Makko also likes Yuna and Rinoa, but those are high-res sprites, no? Please let us know.