Only decent XBOX game...CANCELLED.

In a press release, Microsoft Japan cited a lack of progress in the game’s development and said it also believed TFLO did not meet the standards of quality which its consumers expect. Both these factors led to the cancellation of TFLO, which was originally set to debut in Japan this winter.

…DAMN. This was the only reason i was going to get an xbox.

Well, now you don’t have a reason to get one.

Well at least there’s still Fable

No, Ninja Gaiden wasn’t cancelled :stuck_out_tongue:

And KotOR is still out, so I don’t really see where you’re going with this.

I think it’s more about how a promising game was cancelled rather than just another Xbox bashing thread.

But it does suck because True Fantasy Live Online looked pretty good.

Exactly. I was really looking forward to this game. And i forgot about some of the other good XBOX titles.

So, i guess this thread should be…“Only cool XBOX MMO cancelled”.

How sad.
Almost makes you cry.

Apperently from what I gather, Level 5 were using the funds MS were giving them for TFLO on their other 2 Sony projects, and TFLO was making almost NO progress.

Now that Tales of Symphonia is coming out for PS2 as well as GC, my only reason for owning a GC is gone as well.

Yea I read about that. What fucking bullshit. I was gonna buy that game.

Really? Thats crazy.

I kind of knew it was getting cancelled. It was announced, and then there was no news. I think they released of all of 5 screens. But man, i was looking forward to it. I love “dark cloud”, and level 5. ;_;

Don’t hold your breath for the PS2 version being released in America. There’s been no word of an American release, and considering how tentative Namco is in releasing any Tales game in America, and how closely Nintendo was involved in the localization of the GCN version, the chances of the PS2 version being released in America are sketchy at best. It’d be nice though (although I’d probably still get the GCN version either way… depending on what sort of extras the PS2 version has).

Ah… it’s not so bad. There’ll be other games.

I dunno, I find the Xbox lackluster, and with KotOR out on PC now, what’s the use of getting an Xbox? Halo 2? Will eventually make its way to PC.

Let’s face it, the Xbox has almost zilch Xbox exclusive games nowadays, and they’re all going to end up on PC either way…

BAD move by Microsoft in my opinion.

Personally, the only good Xbox game that was coming out was Shin Megami Tensei NINE, but I don’t know if that got cancelled, and Atlus releasing a SMT overseas? PSHAW! (Okay, so they’re supposedly releasing Nocturne Maniax overseas…but I’ll believe it when I see it on the shelves, ready to be bought by my greedy hands).

It’s bizarre to think that Level 5 would need money, considering all the funds that Sony, MS, and Square Enix were pouring into their pockets.

And as for Tales on PS2, it has been announced for US release. As far as retailers are concerned, it’s shipping the same day as the GCN version, which kinda sucks, cause all the pre-release marketing for the game said “Only on Gamecube.”


Scratch that; apparently EB has removed it from their database on PS2. Perhaps Namco has decided to give Nintendo a leg up on something.