Onimusha 4 :O

Famitsu scans:

Main character: Kajin no souki
Villian: Hideyoshi Hashiba

Lookin sweet already. Onimusha 3 was the last in the Nobunaga Arc. Apparently they are making major changes to the gameplay. Have to wait till next spring though :confused:

I was really disappointed the countdown clock was leading to this. I was hoping for a new series or something.

That said I’ll still buy this on release day. >_>

Damn right, Onimusha fuckin owns. Ever dreamed of playing as whip-wielding Jean Reno? Onimusha 3 fulfills. That said, get the games now, all 3 of them can be bought fairly cheaply.

And I thought Onimusha 3 was the last Oni game…
Where is Samanosuke~?

I thought it was going to be as well. But I guess they just decided to let it be the end of Nobunga. After all their was that scene at the end showing the little guy, leading the genma army. So that sort of lkeft it open for a sequel.

As for Samanosuke, he is probably trying to get rid of the remaining Genma in his area. While this new guy has move on. So a new hero is needed. I guess.