onimusha 3

sorry guys but this dam game is amazing.
i cannot stop watching the onimusha 3 trailer it is so amazingly realisttic i mean they even put the little indintations for the moustache.

anyway it’ll take about 15 mins to upload for you people who want to watch it.

It has Jean Reno with an Energy Whip for Godssakes, of course it’s going to rock.

Onimusha 2 is still the most beautiful game on any of the next gen consoles, by far.

If O3 is anywhere near as beautiful, I might regret selling my PS2 when it comes out.

The only thing I didn’t like about the Onimusha games was the horrible time-limited puzzles. The challenge was great though, and the battle system was simple and sweet. None of that I-can-use-a-thousand-and-one-different-useless-moves crap like many games have. It’s all about learning new ways of improvising what you have in order to win. That’s what makes a game great and involving.

The magnitude and depth of the atmosphere in the Onimusha games is also something very few other games can pull off. If you like 16th-17th century Japan, you wont realize the hours going by as you play this.

That is, of course, assuming Onimusha 3 lvies up the the high standards of it’s predecessors.

I just hope we get better VAs and a MUCH better translation than the last two…wait, it’s a Capcom game. Nevermind.

Besides that, I’m looking forward to this. I loved Onimusha 1 and 2, and just hope 3 is as good.

Any game that opens with a guy dressed up as a ninja breaking into a fortress that’s on top of a giant brine shrimp has to be good.

I loved the first two games and I really hope the third lives up to the hype that’ll eventually surround it.

One thing I really like about the Onimusha series is that there are ways to heal yourself other than the limited supply of items. It helps reduce the chance of getting to a point where you literally can’t beat the game no matter what.

Damn, I need to finish the second one. Rented it this weekend, will need to rent it again >_<. Damn fun, I must say, though the ‘targetting’, that is, your’ characters looking in the direction of an enemy when readying your weapon, needs to be improved. As it stands, I’m constantly finding my back to the closest enemy because he DECIDES TO FACE AN ENEMY 10 YARDS AWAY. Regardless, it’s fun.