Oni 2 Window assembly

Are you -sure- it’s a bad dump? Have you tried adding a header to (or removing the header from) your rom and reapplying?


Oh! Also, have you tried interleaving the game? I think I recall that being a problem getting it to run on my SWCDX2 - the patch worked, but then the game wouldn’t boot on my Wildcard, 'cuz it was interleaved. Point being, don’t go off doing all sorts of extra work redoing Bongo`'s assembly before you try all available options and cry “Bad Rom” :slight_smile:

Uhm i tried it with and without header and it didnt work…but the fact that the archive name included “interleaved” and the rom actually wasn’t told me once for all that you never should trust archive names :thinking: …actually, the patch on the interleaved (with ucon64) rom works fine…it looks like bongo did some more work than just reallign the text boxes..i would like to trace back his whole work anyway, to get ahold of what he got done and see from where we can build on, sincebongo itself doesn’t remember it…
thanks for the adivive Lakmir :cool: