One small step... for moi.

Good news: I am a published author now. Two short stories of mine are in a literary magazine. They informed me that they got chosen out of a record number of entries.

Bad news: That literary magazine is the Great Lake Review, which is SUNY Oswego’s literary magazine.

But hey, any publication is better than none. According to one of my professors, it looks really good on a resumé (at the very least) when you’re published in the GLR (she cited an example with a student of hers getting a fairly high profile job where the interviewer was impressed with her and hired her; it doesn’t necessarily follow that was the only factor or anything, but yeah). I’ve also been sending stuff out to other places, but I’ve only got rejections so far (especially from McSweeny’s- they’re really nice with their rejections).

So, I just wanted to gloat. Hi- gloating! :wave:

Dude, congrats! I’ve got a couple stories I might want to publish, but, well, none of them are finished, heh.

Huzzah! That’s great news :slight_smile: I’m very happy for you.

Congrats! When you get famous can I get you to write one of those witty quotes they put on novel covers for me saying how good the book is?

Something like:

“A double-helix of a good novel.”

“This is the ultimate book. One might call it the omni-novel.”

Congratulations! I bet your works are awesome. :slight_smile:

Congratulations. You deserve a co_Okie.

Hey, if Gloria Estefan can do it, so can you.

Congratz.I can’t think of anything to say,I’m having a mental block right now,sorry for not posting a witty comment.

So do we get scans or do we have to find a copy of your local magazine ourselves? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good. Next step is a book of your own.


Much congrat. I hope I can get published someday.

First, congratulations on getting published. And your professor is right, that will look good as a reference. As for rejections? It’s the tide writers must navigate on the path of their careers. Take them in stride.

On that subject, I found this funny:

Congratulations, man, that’s awesome to hear. I’d like to read the stories that got published. College literary magazine’s aren’t a bad way to get published, either; very few literary magazines that are of any feasibility of continued existance and are not unbelievably, irrationally pretentious exist outside of college publications. Being published in an institute of learning which contains a focus in creative writing and theoretically large number of intelligent, educated, talented people is no mean feat, by any means. Just because it’s a college magazine doesn’t mean it’s not good.

Congrats! This is a bigger deal than you think.

As far as anybody seeing the work… err… I’m sorry, but the thing is that the GLR isn’t copyrighted, and they encourage us to get published in other journals that are. This is why I really don’t want to post these online. However, I will probably get some copies of the magazine, and I can see who I can send it to.

As for Curtis: howso? I’m really curious.

Thank you all for the congratulations, by the way. It makes me feel awesome and such! :smiley:

Umm, do you mean “copyrighted?” (Copywriting is writing the publicity for a story- like the short descriptions of movies in newspapers, etc.) In any case, from what I understand of copyright laws, by getting your story published, anywhere, you automatically keep all rights to it, unless you’ve signed them away first (or used characters owned by someone else.) Of course, the more visiblity your stories or characters gets, the easier it is to prove that they’re yours in case their ownership is questioned.

Well, I dunno, most people aren’t published. If it was me I’d be really proud of myself.