One Armed Bassist


Damn that dude is good.

Since I’m not musically inclined, explain to me how he can do that. I don’t understand how he can strike a note if all he’s doing is the thing to control the vibrations of the unstruck chords.

That was badass. And Sin, when the gain/distortion is turned up, you can hit a note and get a sound like that on a guitar/bass without picking the string. Though I’m sure that can be explained better.

…is that a can opener on his right arm? o_O


Yeah, but for some reason I didn’t notice him doing the hammer ons and pull offs. Thanks for correcting me though.

omg lex luthor

Well, I know def leppard has a one armed drummer. But I can fathom that; a one armed bassist is pretty incredible.


dude, that’s pretty sweet. i can’t begin to imagine how much practice and dedication it would take to make it through several songs…more practice than i have anyways. and i have both my arms…

you just had to post that here didnt you :scream:

for the record hes just playing, you dont absolutly need to pluck each string as you play, hes just puting the fingers on the board and rocking out. none of this hammer on pull off carp :mwahaha: probably better called legato to waht hes actually doing, but it doesnt matter what its called, hes just rockin out


but, if he pulls ofF it wont make a sound. hes jamming end of story.

its sucks that he has one arm though, hes pretty good, would be better if he had two hands! :runaway: