On the topic of evolution

This is a pretty cool study. http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/mystery_monday_041108.html
The theory that an exploded star affected evolutionary events on earth is really amazing.

Wow. That is really intresting. My whole family is all about astronomy (why do I think I spelled that word wrong?) and evolution. I know with me and my two brothers some nights before we go to bed we get into deep, deep converstaions about the universe and so much more. Seeing how my older brother wants to go to N.A.S.A. and be one of those austronauts that will soon go to Mars, I am sure you can see how this is so linked to our family.

I also remember last night about my friend talking about this too. I was fairly hummarious she started to cry and she was like “I am scared, I am so scared, I am scared. This is scary, I am so scared” to her friend in those exact words, give or take a change of a wording. I just sat at the computer posting here at RPGC thinking, well this had to happen sooner or later, its the way of life you cannot control it. Hell to me even hearing this I thought it was kick ass because think about how many times this might happen, and you get to experience it. Grainted it’s not a reall GOOD thing, but in general kick ass.

Well that is my imput, I prob. rambled a bit, not sure what I said exactly or if i said things right, seeing how Last night I only got 2 hrs of sleep and I had to wake up at 8:00 in the morning. HOW FUN!!! whatever.

This is without mentioning the theory that exploding stars created the heavier elements in our universe.

We are all stardust.

Stardust doesn’t sound that bad, actually! :ulty:


We are all made of stars.

Damn, Eva beat me to it.

And I beat you both.

That doesn’t count since it’s not the same song. So nyah!

Moby, the greatest astro-man ever born

Ok, mody is ruled out of this. Just because he made that one star song doesn’t mean anything!
Does anybody have hard core proven facts that we are made from stars? If so, I wanna see it.

in those <b><u><i>exact</i></u></b> words, give or take a change of a wording.

By the way, I read the article, and it has absolutely nothing to do with evolution. All it mentions is that they found Iron-60 in a 2.8 million year old geological stratum, which is somehow supposed to prove that there was a supernova (at least thirty <b>light years</b> away, at that), which is somehow suposed to prove there was climate change, which is somehow supposed to prove that humans “fanned out,” (as if they couldn’t have been a little more vague) which most likely wouldn’t have affected our evolution whatsoever, unless you believe in shit like the aqua apes theory, which is so wrong and far-fetched that it can’t even be called a theory. This evidence is worthless at best.