On Kingdom Hearts how do you...?

How do you get mystery goos from the white mushrooms? All I can get are arts items and mp balls.

Also how do you beat sephiroth and the ice giant?
I can only get one combo in against sephiroth and the only way I
can damage the ice giant is with firaga.

Thanks for any help

Ah Sephy, he’s hard aint he? First of all you need a good Keyblade, Ultima Weapon is best but if not that then use Obliblivon. Next you have to be a decent level, around 70 +. You need at least Aerora and have it and Curaga on shortcut. Lock o, combo, lock on, combo, etc. Then when he teleports to a corner Super Glide to him and attack or you are fucked especially if he manages to say “Sin Harvest.” Keep doing this and you should win, and you get 20,000 exp for doing so.

To beat the ice titan you need to equip guard and a long range keyblade eg ultimate weapon, and then when it fires it’s icycles at you bounce them back by using guard and when he falls on his knees give him all you’ve got with the keyblade.
p.s. I would equip curaga and aeroga to shortcut spells.

Thanks Quaz+ hayes
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Dont equip aeroga or any air spell on the Ice Giant it would only make you die faster since if you protect yourself with it it makes the icicles more powerful and you cant bounce them back