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This link leads to an interview with Piers Anthony, dated June 26, 2004. The interview itself is quite interesting(and I would definately reccomend reading it), and includes a few whispers of possible movies, but HERE is the REAL point of interest;

JW: If any fantasy fans are looking for some great books, I’d recommend any of yours. But I especially love the Incarnation of Immortality Series. Each book tells its own complete story, but all the books together tell an even greater story - while exploring the most important issues of our lives, such as time, sex, music, and death. To my readers: just buy the first book in the series, On a Pale Horse, and read the first chapter. You’ll be hooked. When you’ve finished the seventh book, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be wishing there was another in the series.

Mr. Anthony, would you like to share the good news with us?

Piers Anthony: How nice of you to set it up: I have now written the eighth novel in the series, Under a Velvet Cloak, and expect to market it later this year. It’s about Nox, the Incarnation of Night.


The moment I read this bit, my heart started RACING. Incarnations of Immortality is probobly my favorate book series ever. You bet your ass I was jumping around in delight after learning this.

If you’ve never read Incarnations of Immortality, get your ass down to the nearest bookstore and grab a copy of On a Pale Horse. Now.

Awwww, GG that’s not cool. I was close to orgasm and then I stopped to see this thread and it didn’t make me orgasm. You owe me an orgasm now.

But cool news. I gotta check this series.

coolio!! :cool:

Yeah, GG
I expect 1 orgasm from you or one of your subsidiaries >:(

Read the books. The feeling I got from reading them can only be described as an ‘intellectual orgasm’. :slight_smile:

That son of a bitch said he was done after And Eternity. He even went out of his way to say it. See if I ever believe you again, Anthony!

Pah, you intellectuals. I WANT PHYSICALITY.

I introduced GG to Incarnations in the first plac,e so in a roundabout way, it’s my responsibility. So anyone who wanted physical and/or intellectual orgasms, contact me. So i casn tell you to go get your nuts caught in a grinder.

Pain’s never a bad thing. :wink:

It may be time to finish the series then.

Is that the new fetish? I hear it’s all the rage. Women do it with boobies, but it’s dangerous 'cause the woman can fall into the grinder and become a McNugget.

I must say, Orgasmeriffic. I didn’t like books 2-5 so much, but the first one was godlike and the last 2 weren’t so bad either.

How are they going to manage some of the narration-linked puns? :stuck_out_tongue:

Val and I talked about this last night, and I’m very excited about this, too. In my opinion, the Incarnations of Immortality fantasy novel series was one of the best I ever read. It might not be for everyone, the way it combines modern themes with epic fantasy, and it IS an Anthony series, so it contains his own personal sense of humor and morality; but if you are open-minded enough to bother with it, you’re likely to find them truly unique. (Ironically, my own religious beliefs at the time stopped me from purchasing the last two novels, as they dealt with the nature of God and the Devil; a silly mistake, I now realize, and you can bet I’ll buy them- and this new continuation as well- first chance I get.)

Val also told me that Disney plans on making a movie about the first Novel, On a Pale Horse (about the Incarnation of Death). Uh… :eek:

Yeah, I heard that. I hate Disney with a passion, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for this. Pirates of the Carribean wasn’t bad, after all. It could be good if they don’t “Disney-ise” it too much.

Something I broght up with Val: Hypothetically, let’s say the movie’s a hit, and a decade or so later they’ve made the rest of the and are on And Eternity.

How do you think Disney would handle a movie where prostotution, rape and pedophilia is are unavoidable themes? How can they do stuff like that when they can’t dance around it? It’d be interesting to see, no doubt.

Don’t they have another movie studio, Tri-star or some such?

Get it straight from the horse’s mouth. The bimonthly newsletters are a great read.

Touchstone, I think you mean.

I had no idea they were a part of Disney. This could be a good thing.

Produce it under Miramax? :wink: