Man Earthbound owns so much, I haven’t played this game in forever and I’m in Brick Road’s dungeon and the billboards are cracking me up!

Whenever I need a good laugh I go to Earthbound. I dunno, it just fills a void in my life. Im glad i hung onto it.

Four words.

New Age Retro Hippie.

EarthBound is one of my favorate games EV0R. What other RPG actually has bathrooms?

Rhapsody does.

Okay…but what other RPG lets you dig through trashcans for food, HUH?!

Tales of Eternia does.

…oh, FINE! But EarthBound still rocks. =P

Pwned. ;D

FF6 and Xenogears have bathrooms as well. So does Granstream Saga.

So does FFVII

I love EB very much. Being the only person in the neighborhood with the game instantly made me one of the most popular kids in my grade school for the last 2 years (being known as the official Gaming Help guy helped too, of course). Earthbound… there’s just no end to the happiness that game brings. It’s fun to play, the music is great, the battles are fun, and the jokes never get old.


I hate earthbound! And the reasons of which are the complete opposite of Daltons - the music is terrible, the battles are boring and the jokes were never funny in the first place. The entire game is just annoying, from the stupid characterizations to the battle backgrounds that give me headaches.

The only prop I can give Earthbound is the incredibly smooth graphics, which I’ve never seen replicated.

I never played EB, but I love that comic!

That’s a Dungeon Crawl Inc comic. It’s nothing to do with Earthbound, it’s a messed up BG comic, that doesn’t actually have much to do with BG.

i know nothing about earthbound except that theres a telekinetic kid in it name ness.

but i really want to know what is about can some one give me a review?

and maybe a place where i can find it for sale? :moogle:

The rom is not protected, so you can get it from as long as you own the original copy.

Star Ocean: The Second Story does too.

Guh…I’ve gotta say Earthbound is just about the worst RPG I’ve ever played. The characters have no development, the jokes are lame, the music sounds like something out of a midi player’s nightmare, the battles are slow and incredibly boring and the storyline is godawful. Not to mention that one part where you have to sit there and do NOTHING 3 minutes behind that waterful is just one of the incredible amount of things that make me want to smash whoever made the game.