And lots of it.

Recipie here.

My friend Kenny and I are going to go make a vegan one.

That looks absolutely disgusting.
Seriously, just add some fake blood and you have your very own slasher movie props.

That’s what your arteries are going to look like after they do the autopsy after the quadramillion size heart attack you’re going to have eating that thing.

I showed that to some friends. My family has a smoker over at our family cabin. When I take some buddies there over the summer, I am totally cooking one of those.

Me and my friend once did something similar with a meatloaf.
We called it “the bacon-armored meatloaf” because we had some major trouble cutting through all the bacon we draped over it.

His mother owns a small food store, and we’d just picked up… I think 5 or 6 packs of bacon that were getting too close to their (what’s the word? In Sweden it’s called “best before”-date. Basically the date when you wouldn’t want to buy it anymore, even if it’s not BAD… Yet), so we had a lot of bacon to use. :stuck_out_tongue:

It makes me slightly ill just looking at it.

You guys are pussys, that looks delicious.

This is absolutely disgusting.

Man I agree. I’ve had worse, just for the hell of having worse. I’ve eaten whole plates of bacon just because I could. And you’re not even supposed to eat the whole sausage in that recipe on your own. You slice it up.

I admire it for the design, at least, but honestly, it’s thigns like that that made me decide to go vegetarian.

Sometime this semester I’m going to be making one of these with some friends and it will be glorious. We’ve had this planned for a while, but we’re waiting for better weather.

Is this the discussion about the right to commit suicide?

Welcome to American culture, yes?


Assuming someone could (emphasis on could) eat all of that, shouldn’t it kill them? Aside from that, it really looks pretty disgusting.

To be fair, I’ve likely had worse (bad sausage = bad nights), but I couldn’t eat that even if I wanted to. Only in America though…lol

It’s a party meat you make for multiple people. You don’t eat it all by yourself.

It’s one of those things that could make me become a vegetarian by just looking at it.

Yes sir, some things contribute to an American obesity epidemic more than others.

Like high-fructose corn syrup?