OMG u friggin nerdz lol

I want one of these for Xmas.

I specially like the hat.

By the way, don’t forget to browse the other sections, like the Linux gifts.

Someone should send this part to Wertigon :stuck_out_tongue:

73|-| |-|00d|3 |$ 8 @ d @$$ …teh 1337, heh heh heh.

edit: This will probably be the only post on this forum that I will use 1337(besides maybe when I get that many, which could be a year from now). Shit, I’ll have 1000 in ten months at my current pace.

That’s not nerdy, this is nerdy. Buy me one!

Nutter No!!! Keep those Pants On!!! You’re Not Flashing at a Random Girl.

Windows 2000

Groovy. But some items are outdated: “Kirk Spock in '04” coffee mug and “Picard Riker in '04” T-shirt.

I’m buying a couple of these, one for home and one for the work.

I want a </bush> sticker for my laptop case.

Damn, they’ve added a lot since the last time I’ve been there.

Did you have fun at the NEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD store? Heh heh heh.

Haha. I like the linux thong. ;p

Edit: Doh, thong. >.>;

1!43 t11@t u83r R0X0RZ!

Translation: That’s cool!

<a href=“” target=“new”>me wantee!</a>