OMG I'm gonna create a MySpace account

Just to add him as a friend!

Mind the gap! :smiley:

He’s also on Facebook.

That’s awesome. Added.

That page is almost impossible to read. What is that?

One of these days I’m going to go on a killing spree because I’ll be the alst person on earth who hasn;t played portal and is totally out of the loop on all these fucking references to it.

Cid, a profile of Companion Cube from portal. Though Ren should have linked to the Weighted Companion Cube.

Don’t worry, Val, I didn’t get the Portal references either at first. And I don’t think I would ever play the game myself… not only it’s too dark for my taste, but that has to be the MOST annoying Computer Voice I’ve ever heard. Yes, even counting Max Headroom’s.

You’ve never played Portal, yet you say it’s too dark for your taste. It’s classic deadpan humor.

And the voice isn’t very annoying, since it’s not there constantly. And the puzzles are fun.

Let me tell you a little story about MySpace. I initially joined like anyone else, wanting to indulge my pedophiliac urges of looking at underage girls, while still remaining within the bounds of the legal system. Eventually I realized that virtually the whole site was populated by people who attended the Setz School of Web Design. I had to stop using it before I felt the urge to rip my own eyes and heart out, and then with my last ounce of life, fashion my organs into a crude noose with which to hang myself.

I wanted to remove my account entirely because of the spam I kept getting from MySpace telling me about the fucktards trying to friend me so they could send spam. Problem: the email my account was linked to no longer existed - it was my school email, and I had graduated. I know from experience that deleting accounts typically require email confirmation. I tried to change it, but MySpace wouldn’t let me do it without confirmation FROM MY OLD EMAIL ADDRESS. The address that no longer existed. I’m not sure what combination of mental defects would allow a person to possess the bare minimum intelligence to eat and breathe and create shitty websites, yet prevent such a person from seeing this Catch-22.

I would have been stuck, but my school allows you to keep your address for life as a forwarding address - I simply hadn’t taken that option. It wasn’t too late. I submitted a request to get the forwarding address, and as soon as it went through, I deleted my MySpace account and said goodbye to that festering shithole forever.

So, in summary, fuck MySpace. Don’t ever fucking joke about joining it.

Someone needs a huuuuuuug :smiley:

Right, because ONLY people who play a game can tell they won’t like it. Now that’s deadpan. :hahaha; Hint: you can find all about it on the Net.

Aw, c’mon, Wil, Portal’s the most fun I’ve ever had at my own expense! :stuck_out_tongue:

Given that you claimed you were doing deadpan followed by a laughing emoticon… Yeah, that negates how one even does deadpan.

You never “lose”, do you, 984? whatever. :noway:

Guess what, this cube added the weighted one to his friends. Weighted’s one background music is Still Alive ^^

If that was deadpan, it was excellent

I’d also like to point out, Wil, that I respect your right to have a different opinion from me, even if you dislike something I like for no logical reason (i.e. “I just don’t like it, okay?”), but if you want to rationalize your dislike I’d prefer if you came up with something that wasn’t as mind-bogglingly uninformed and nonsensical as “Portal is too dark.” You want “dark”, Silent Hill is dark, but in terms of darkth, Portal is like Barbie’s Horse Adventure compared to other games.

While the game may not be that dark, relatively, it may be dark enough for him (as an absolute value) . “You think England has bad weather? Try going to Antarctica!”. If you prefer the climate of Spain, you still act rationally if you don’t move to England.