OMG check out this thing that was said in the chat by genericangstypos

LOL Trillian was drawing a picture of some girl with a sword and green pubic hair or something I dun’ really know but anyway that’s not the important thing. Genericangstypower asked Trillian if she was drawing a naked Rydia, and I was like LOL DUDE RYDIA CAN’T USE A SWORD YOU ARE SO FUCKING STUPID and he was like she can do anything. Dudes I am so fucking pissed right now I can’t believe what he is doing to my favorite game of all time please everyone tell him that he is wrong and I am right p:unch::p:unch::p:unch::p:unch::

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She lived with monsters, man. She can do ANYTHING!


It’s fucking Lydia learn to speak English man

Arac, you’re not even going to back me up? :frowning:

I just came from the Twilight Crossover thread.

I’ll just leave this here and let your inquisitive minds go to work. :smug:

…So did I. Are you following me?

also ohgod this argument is life changing I don’t even know what to say.

I think you’ve got it covered. You pointed out that she was raised by Monsters. What else is left to say? Monsters raised her? Her upbringing was overseen by Monsters? I think you’ve basically got it covered.

I just came from the Twilight thread, too. Yep,…

that is all.

What a dick.

Did you even get the joke I was making?

I try not to think, so no.

Just for you, I elaborated on it in the Twilight Crossover thread.

You’re such a sweetiepie! Jettatura should give you hugs.

Oh, and for the record I meant grown up Rydia, not the twelve year old Rydia. Pervs.

Why can’t it be both?

Time paradox.

Or die