Omega and Shinryuu in Final Fantasy V.

As a challenge, I am trying to defeat Omega and Shinryuu, but I am having a lot of difficulty. If anyone has any advice for fighting these two enemies, please tell me. My party is at level 58 – 59 and everyone has mastered all classes. I also have already bought coral rings so that I may survive the tidal wave which Shinryuu casts at the party at the beginning of the battle.

Some people may recommend that your levels be a bit higher, but I don’t know. It’s been a while since I played.

For Shinryuu, what I’ve heard from multiples sources is to have Coral Rings to absorb (good) and to steal and equip two Dragon Lances for each character (you can get them from Crystal Dragons which are in the Cleft of Dimension, I believe in the same area as Shinryuu) and to have them use Jump continuously.

For Omega, I have no idea.

edit - I think you know this, but I’ll say it anyway. Since you have all classes mastered, use the Bare class since you’ll have better stats that way.

What Vicki says is also what I heard from Dalton, and it makes perfect sense to me.

As for Omega, StarStorm says he’s defeated it, so if you can’t find an answer, perhaps you can ask him how he did it. I would have no idea where to begin, myself, since it seems like Omega is very effective in killing your party very quickly.

Shinryuu is actually fairly easy if you steal a bunch of spears from those dragon enemies flying around the Void (the very last area of the game). I even beat him with three characters, since I didn’t have the money for four rings. Here was their configuration:

Butz (no job equipped)
Relevant jobs mastered: Ninja, Monk, Archer, Dragoon
Commands: X-Fight, Jump
Equipment: Coral Ring, two spears

Lenna (Mimic)
Relevant jobs mastered: Black/White/Time Mages
Commands: Black, White, Time
Equipment: Coral Ring, Genji stuff, Chicken Knife

Cara (no job equipped)
Relevant jobs mastered: Ninja, Monk, Archer, Blue Mage
Commands: X-Fight, Blue
Equipment: Coral Ring, two spears

Faris was dead for most of the fight, so her status didn’t really matter. After Shinryuu’s opening attack, I had Butz use Jump and Cara use Big Guard while Lenna cast the strongest healing spell. After that, Cara and Butz used X-Fight. That, combined with the counterattacking from the Ninja job, made for victory in about three turns, though I think Cara might have gotten killed in the process.

If you’ve mastered all classes and have four rings, the above should work like a charm if you take the time to steal enough spears. I don’t have as specific a plan for beating Omega to give you, but you might try equipping rings against fire attacks, if there are any, and then just beat the shit out of him with X-Fight and your strongest weapons after someone casts Big Guard on the party.

For Omega, I had Big Guard on and had everyone jumping. Staying up in the air helps since there’s the chance that his attacks won’t hit you.

For Omega, make three of your characters Jobless and have them each master Ninja, Hunter and Sorcerer. Equip them each with two weapons that have “Can use magic sword.” Do NOT use the Assasin Knife…the Death spell it casts will reflect on you. Also equip them each with a Fire Ring anda Ribbon. Make your last character a mime, and have him/her master White, Time, and Blue mages, and equip him/her with a Flame Shield and some Running shoes. If s/he has mastered Dancer(whitch is a good idea), give him/her a Ribbon too. First turn, your mime casts Quick, Haste2 and Mighty Guard. Your other characters all use Bolt3 sword and SShot. Assign your mime to healing duties. The battle shouldn’t last long.
I’ve tried several stratigies, and this one has NEVER failed me.

For Shinryu…I have yet to find a failproof way of beating him, but make sure to have Coral Rings all around.

There’s a trick you can do with Dragon Potions (created with the Mix command).

There’s a method of Beserking Shinryu (I think from a different potion mix). Once you do that, keep on using Dragon Potions on him until they have no effect. Then use level 5 Doom and boom…

At least, that’s what I heard. Anyone have more evidence?

That’s a new one! For the record, in case no one knows what a “dragon potion” does, it raises the target’s level by 20.

I looked for more information about it, and it’s called “Dragon Power”. To get it, Mix a Potion/Hi-Potion with a Dragon Fang.

Bacchus’ Wine (Holy Water + Turtle Shell) beserks its target. I wonder if that’s what you can use to berserk Shinryu. Then just cast Blink/Image and be ready for lvl 5 Doom.

Sounds needlessly complicated, but if you’re desperate…