Olympic Flag

Just wondering how many people know what the 5 rings actually stand for. It is not the five continents, and I do know what it stands for, I’ll tell later after I see how many people tell me it is the five continents.


According to this you are wrong.

Can’t get your thing but I know what it probably says. If you want to know what I say it is I’ll PM you, or you can wait until after a few more posts.

I know the colors are there because every flag in the world has one of those five colors

God damn it, now ya spoiled my post. I wanted to see how many people would say it was the other. Damn you BlueMage. Couldn’t you have held back until a few others had posted.

Actualy i think there are a few reasons there are 5 rings, not just the color in the flag thing, thats just the one i know off the top of my head

The 5 rings stand for the <i>unification</i> of the five continents in Olympic competition, not the five continents themselves.

I thought it was because some guy got bored and started drawing circles in the sand