Oldie Question

I used to play D&D when it first came out, but I lost touch with those I played with and eventualy stopped playing about 11 years ago. Now, I am thinking of taking it up again.

What are the more involving things to get back into, seeing as I am not aqainted with the newer aspects of it?

Go back to the version you used to play. 3rd and 3.5 ed are crap, in my experience.

Might have just been my moronic DM.

Oh, I just wanted to know if there was anything interesting that has hapened in the past few years. Two friends of mine thought it would be interesting to get into it.

Nothing happened that couldn’t still be done in the version you used to play. They just changed all the rules and gameplay in ways that baffle me and others who grew up playing the good versions like 1st and 2nd ed.

Ok, rant’s done. (Though it was short)

It’s more idiot friendly. Besides the whole odd phrasing of the turning rules. If you’re moving from ad&d2e, thac0’s gone, higher armor class is better, proficencies are gone, (Skills and Feats replaced them, i think.). There are still loads of splat books, xp to level is same for everyone one. Hmm. I’m not familiar enough with anything but 3e/3.5e, so i could be totally wrong, but I THINK those are some of the changes.

Yeah, not a single one made to make life easier for us who transfer. Ah well, that’s why Whyte Knight is good. They, at least, still stock 2nd ed books.

They did make a conversion book, y’know. coughmoremoneycough

Or I could keep playing 2nd ed like I already do.

By the way, when you said 3rd ed is more idiot friendly, were you intending to imply something?

It’s up the you to read my actions, not me. But i doubt i put enough thought into anything to be implying anything intentionally. Besides, It’s not like I’m telling you to switch or anything. If you like the system better, stick with it.

I will, thanks.

Idiot friendly is just a term used to say it’s easier to learn. I’d definately agree with that. If a 2e person actually wants to convert though, it would probably be easier for them to treat it like it’s a completely new system and not compare it to 2e.

3.5 is good is if like lots of comflicting rules and lopholes to exploit, but from wghat I’ve heard aDnd is better. Though I haven’t had a chance to play it as eeveryone thinkg 3.5 is the next best thing to sliced bread, which I disagree with.

3.0 had a lot of conflicting rules.

3.5 should be very smooth for playing.

Except for the part where AD&D’s NWP system makes no fucking sense…

That’s what I did, and I had no problem with it. I do miss proficiencies, though.