Okay... this is slightly worrying (tech supp related)

Imagine my surprise when, after logging off the net, I find a program called “nastysex.exe” has installed itself on my computer. I’m paranoid enough about computers as it is without this adding to it- I’ve deleted the file and all the related shortcuts, and my modem is dialling the number it should be (a quick google search indicated one of the effects includes it dialling somewhere in South America) but I’m still a little paranoid about it all, given what happened to this PC all last year. :-/ Are there any other checks I can run to set my mind fully at rest?

Spybot+AdAware+coughcoughgetbroadbandandagoodfirewallcoughcoughand usually deleting shit like is enough if you dont mind the little registry changes and shit. But yeah Spybot and Adaware. Actually even if you’re ok with the reg changes use Spybot and Adaware.

You get that kind of stuff by carelessly downloading lots of porn. Stop doing that.

And, after you delete that stuff, change your security setting to keep files from being installed without asking for permission first. Then use some registry cleaner to do a routine check & fix. I think every windows comes with cleanreg, and Norton System Works had its own cleaner too.

You can get a trial Norton for a quick fix from www.symantec.com. It’ll scan and quarentine any suspicious files.

I have Norton. It’s very good but it doesn’t catch anywhere near everything. Get the registry settings and everything else you can. IMO.

I have Norton AV Corporate. It is bliss.

Tenchumaru Draconisu speaks the truth! *Nod, nod.

You should be able to get rid of it with SpyBot and AdAware. Just make sure you run them in Windows’ SafeMode.

Thanks, I deleted all the relevant files and ran norton windoctor to delete the registry entry pertaining to it. I don’t download porn, btw, and my system is firewalled (well, windows xp firewall at any rate). Things like this just seem to slip through from time to time, and succeed in pissing me off (especially when they come through at 1AM X-(

While you’re at it, figure out why every game or media file I run takes up over 90% of my CPU for no reason I can figure out even after I clean the registry, spyware, and switch off all background and startup programs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aside from porn, downloading anything at all over clients like KaZaA can create spyware. I’d also suggest getting a little program called “Bazooka” from <A HREF=“http://www.kephyr.com/”>this website</A>. It can detect several pieces of spyware that SpyBot and Ad Aware can’t, but it doesn’t remove them; it does, however, link you to a website that will tell you how to remove them.

Also make sure you don’t have any toolbars attatched to IE (ie Google toolbar, Alexa Toolbar, etc). Those are typically bad news.