Okay- all of YOUR bad spam experiences aside-

because mine is much, much better.

I got a normal spam letter about eliminating debt and such, which wouldn’t be such a big deal, normally- but THIS time it was a spam letter about eliminating debt from a man called “Reagan.”


Now that is weird.

wonder who Reagan is…

I don’t think you get the reference.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> For the love of god, I live in Europe and I got the reference :stuck_out_tongue:

nope, no get reference :stuck_out_tongue:

Learn your history, for God’s sake.

Ronald Reagan was the president that plunged the nation the deepest ever into debt.

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Ronald Reagan was the president that plunged the nation the deepest ever into debt.

Besides King Bush II…

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Besides King Bush II…

Actually, I think Regan screwed the debt over more. I’m not certian, though.

He didn’t, if I am not mistaken George W. Bush has him beaten by a couple of billions - and his dept is still increasing at a rapid phase.

Spam is fun, isn’t it? Especially when it gets routed directly into your trash bin.

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Learn your history, for God’s sake.

Heh, Never got beyond the civil war.

Reagan was the 1980s. You were born under his administration. But I guess that since you never got past the Civil War you shouldn’t really have to know about Wilson, the Great Depression, the New Deal, the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts under LBJ, etc.

But that spam is funny, Roun.

I gotta admit that’s pretty funny. The reason Reagan put the nation into so much debt was to fund a useless nuclear weapons program to continue a tactic where the Soviets would spend themselves to death as they did by trying to compete. The only problem with that is that the US’ intelligence agencies had already convinced the Soviets of an inexistent growing nuclear arsenal, so there was no need to make one like Reagan did. Its kinda funny seeing Reagan sending the country into a shitload of debt doing something he wanted to do to the Soviets.

Yeah, there was no point in spending any money for a nuclear weapons program when the Soviet Union had already gone into debt. Reagan just put us into debt because he wanted nuclear weapons that the country was probably never going to use.

That’s pretty funny, Roun. :mwahaha: