OK, that's just... O_o

My dad and my cousin have recently been discussing various strange ideas, mostly one that a guy at my dad’s old job thought of (and actually built)…

A motorized pogo stick.
The motor would be at the bottom and send you upwards, and when you land the hit would make the motor continue going…

I can’t really explain it very well right now… It’s late and I’m tired, but let’s just say that this is minds that have done very strange things by putting chainsaw engines on various stuff…

The only problem with the first one that was made by a guy at my dad’s old job was that he made it too powerful…
Even if it’s just one cylinder, it’s at over 1300cc…
So he never had the guts to try it since it could possibly send him rocketing, break his legs, a.s.o.
And now they’re planning to make a smaller version O_o

May God have mercy on our souls, and stuff… :stuck_out_tongue:

How would it stop, if it was going too fast? All the poor kids are gonna end up pogoing into rivers and walls and stuff.

Do you really think they’ve thought that far?

They haven’t even gotten as far as “Why should we build something like that, anyway”?

But I guess it’s something like:
“The one who dies with the most toys win.”
“… Bonus points of you’ve built your own toys.”
“… … Even more bonuses if there are possibilites of said home-made toys being the reasong that you win.”

Win, or die?

Well, you can’t win until you die… :stuck_out_tongue:

I should say that the russians have invented something similar. It’s a kind of artificial leg that you hook up to your own ones by your ankles. You get some 1 and a half to two feet taller when you put them on. It uses gasoline. The purpose of the thing is to make people run faster, by taking long leaps. Last time I read about it, the russian police was going to test it in pickpocket chases on the streets.

Well, the big difference would be that this is just a crazy idea…
Not something actually useful… :stuck_out_tongue:

When Charles Babage created some of the first “modern” computers, people thought they were only some useless crazy toys too. But look at how computers are used today.

Already been done.
It wasn’t a hit.

I can see it now deathtrap toys inc., please let it become a fad for all time.

It’s like the Simpsons epi with ‘Pogo Stilts’.

Banned in all the states they were.

His plans were never implemented, and there were some obvious uses for the machines (creating tables of values).

I have an idea for a solar-powered light that shines on his own energy cells and never goes out.

It defies thermo’s second law.

You defy… being cool! OH!