Ok, take 2

Alright guys, I ran into some problems getting my phone line connected to my room in residence, I’m still without one and it will probably be tomorrow before I get it up. Everything will be re-uploaded once I’m back online, so just wait.

Lunaris, if you could do me a favor, post on M3 and VL about my extended absence, I’ll be back in a few days. Thanks.

Ok, nevermind, I’m back online (but still on dial-up)

I should have my DSL back tomorrow, and then I’ll get toi reuploading the whole frickin site -_- I’ll have at least one new comic (Monday’s) up tomorrow, and maybe tomorrow’s too,

gives Spoony a cookie Man, that really sucks…it wasn’t very long ago that you got the archives uploaded, too.

Further proof of how dial-up connections just can’t cut it. I’m glad you’re getting DSL back, Spoony.

spoony if all you use is FTP related stuff I’ll gladly back up your site for you every week, make it part of my routine. That way you don’t have these long delays.

And there was much rejoicing.



Oooh yay!
And I swear I think I know who that guy is.

If it ain’t too much trouble, that’d help a lot Merl. I already got OL backed up on a CD (to about #300 or so) so that’s at least a hard copy, but had I lost my HD too while RPGC was down, anything past that update would have been lost. So it’d be nice to have another back up as well.

you only do ftp stuff right? No SQL or anything?

Originally posted by Moon Beam Girl
And I swear I think I know who that guy is.

If you’re reffering to Unknown Minion of Unknown Shadowy Guy, I KNOW I know who he is. :o

I don’t even know who the Shadowy Guy is.

Oh you all THINK you know who he is. Mweh heh…

And Merl, I got no idea what SQL is, and I only use WS_FTP, so I guess, only FTP?

Originally posted by Yar Kramer
I don’t even know who the Shadowy Guy is.

Isn’t it obvious it’s * Covered by sound of lightning *?

ok Spoons.

still asleep from waiting

For what? For Godot?