Ok, so Vista has been out for awhile, what's the verdict?

Vista has been out for a little while now, so what is the verdict? I was doing some reading on it last night and I’ve heard that it has been dubbed the worst Windows since Me. So is it a fine system, is it ready for release, or does MS need to try again? Or is this the time for Linux and Mac to rise?

“Worst” as in “worse than XP”, or “worst” as in “doesn’t actually do anything substantial more than XP”?

It’s rubbish. It doesn’t do anything that hasn’t been done before, and to make things worse, it doesn’t actually do those things any better than they’ve been done before. There are still several applications and videogames it can’t run, and may never be able to run, it doesn’t perform very well with open source fileservers, and the drivers are still bugged or nonexistent. You can blame all that on that it’s new, but that still leaves the bloody DRM.

I’m not going to use it until they release a videogame that needs DirectX 10.

Its horrible, but you’re going to be forced to buy it to play DX10 games, like Nul said…so it doesn’t matter if its good enough, you’re going to be arsed into buying it no matter what :\


I got Vista Business free through my College’s IT Business school.

It works very well on my Toshiba laptop that has 1 gig of ram and a 1.7 ghz processor.

I haven’t had any problem using it with open source ftp servers yet. I’ve actually had an easier time using it with open source servers then I had with XP.

The new interface is nice, but not so nice that I would recommend going out and buying it unless you had a ton of cash you wanted to get rid of, and if you have that much cash, just buy a new computer with vista on it already.

Keep in mind that I don’t play powerful games, and I don’t “archive” huge collections of DVDs, music, anime, ect… on it.

Not FTP, Samba. It works, but runs slowly when compared to Samba to Windows XP.

I’ll have to try that out. I’m using SUSE 9.2 right now but it was a pain in the ass to use Samba on it for some reason. Is there any version you would recommend to use with Samba?

Of what, SUSE? I haven’t really used it, but the most recent is OpenSUSE 10.2. I use Nexenta ( GNU/Solaris, not GNU/Linux. )

My say on Vista is that it’s shiny. Very shiny.

My issue with it is that some drivers that I need (HP printers) don’t work yet, along with nProtect GameGuard for some games I play.

I do think that Office 2007 is made of win, though.