Ok, one more time. This is driving me nuts.

I think I mentioned this problem before: HTTP Downloads suddenly stop for me. As in, the download just stops at one completion percentage and nothing happens. It doesn’t freeze in the sense that I need to Ctrl-Alt-Delete, it just stops downloading. This happens at completely random points, with completely random speeds at completely random sites. I have yet to see a pattern in the problem besides for the fact that it happens way too much.

I can download. Sometimes I can squeeze 4-5 MB before this problems kicks in, but I’m not so lucky with 10+ MB files. Also, before you ask, this has also happened with files that are as low as 1 MB.

I’m behind a proxy server and I’m using ADSL 518Kb. The most relevant piece of information: The connection goes into a router that then distributes it to four different machines. Three of them (My Cousin’s, my Aunt’s and my Uncle’s) don’t have any issues, only me. I don’t know if it’s relevant but I’m the one that’s farther away from the router (About 6 metres).

I’ve tried regular IE6 downloads, Firefox & GetRight. All of them stop at some point and GetRight won’t resume the process until I delete the file and restart from zero.

P2P softwares like eMule, BitTornado, BitLord, etc. have no such problem. They work just fine. I never tried using FTP.

mIRC sometimes stops downloading, but It’s not the same: The speed decreases a bit at a time and then stops. However, resume works perfectly fine in these cases. A 30-60 MB files take about 4 re-tries to fully download.

That’s about as much as I can offer. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? Even if it’s just a small chance?

Its most likely the proxy. I say this because it only happens on http, and its the only thing that stands out from what you’ve said. Why, may i ask, are you behind one? Is it necessary?

My internet provider (Uol-Sinectics) is the one who has set up the proxy, not me. I connect to “proxy.sinectis.com”, I don’t know whether it’s necessary or not but it’s not something I can change without getting another provider.

The thing is, out of the FOUR computers sharing the exact same line, I’m the only one with the problem. I really doubt it’s external, something in my machine or in the way it interacts with the router is much more likely.

There IS one more thing, but I doubt it’s related. When passing files trough the LAN connection (From my computer to my aunt’s or my uncle’s, or the other way around) files tend to get corrupted. Music and text goes with no trouble, I can even open files on their machines while using mine (in Shared Folders). Images are usually corrupted, commonly resulting in large segments of gray. Video and Zip files are simply butchered, not even opening up anymore. The thing is, it was not like this at the beginning. Nothing changed in the configurations, it just started doing this on it’s own.

I really doubt it’s related to the download issues though, since I’ve had that problem since the connection was setup, whereas the transfer problem started long after that.

Perhaps a bad NIC card in your machine? Or some DLL that windows uses for communication corrupted? I really don’t know, it could be anything :frowning:


I doubt a .DLL issue, since I had to completely wipe out my machine and reinstall from zero a while back because of a massive spyware overhaul (BTW, great job on that Norton, didn’t manage to block shit) and there was no change.

NIC card? Wuzzah?

Network card is quite possibly Fubar.

Thats what he means by NIC

Network Interface Card

Fubar seconeded.