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  • Square Enix announced they will release a PlayStation 2 remake of the classic RPG Dragon Quest V, the game is scheduled for a spring 2004 release in Japan. The original Super Famicom version was released in 1992, and sold a total of 2.8 million copies.

This info is from www.the-magicbox.com.

I am so happy!!!

Sweet action, I can’t wait!

Now with the graphics of Dragon Warrior 7

more proof that square or enix hasnt had an original idea since ff6.

Yeah that sucks, but remakes aren’t that bad as long as they start making some original games sometime soon.

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FF Origins sold pretty well. And it was the last Playstation game released if I remember correctly. Something like a Dragon Warrior game is gonna sell HUGE in Japan. And if they market it right, it’ll be huge here too.

That’s very cool. I was clueless when this was mentioned in the chat earlier tonight.

I’d get it, but I really wish they had sent Dragon Warrior 4 over here for PSX. (However, we’ve beaten that dead horse enough, lol)

I was talking with my brother the other day about some games to try, and I told him to give 5 a try if he could. This will be extra cool news now.

Now with the graphics of Dragon Warrior 7

That was a dissapointing game. Why did I blow 40 bucks on that?

DW 7 was very good. If you don’t like DQs, then you shouldn’t be playing DW7 8p. I really would like to see DQ5, but I’m skeptical after DQ4, I wanted it 8.

Originally posted by Amerycinsycho
That was a dissapointing game. Why did I blow 40 bucks on that?

I’m no rookie to Dragon Warrior. Two, three, and four were really cool. But I also though DW7 was pretty lame. The class change thing was cool, but I wasn’t motivated at all to find those damn world pieces. Not to mention the translation, and the dated graphics, and the music and sound.

I never understood DW. I played some of the games, and they sucked to me. The battle system was TOO menu based, and I never liked it at all, the story didn’t make sense, if it seemed ot have a story at ALL. So to be honest I can say that DW is the most horrid game series to me. I mean, why did Enix waste their time on that when they could’ve made Star Oceans up to 9 and I’d be woshipping them. They need to check their priorities.


DW3 was the first RPG I ever played, and DW1 is the only RPG I have beaten yet. This is cool.