Oh ye desktop, shining brightfully

Lets see em

(Warning, full version is ~1mb)

Click here to see the Start Menu

Wow. That is SO cool!

Is that fighter from FF1?

Read the corner. It is.

I read the corner. There could be other games with fighters in it too.

Nothing quite so colorful as Xelo’s, mine is just from Amelie. You know, the movie. Which kicked ass.

<a href=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/mazrimstuff/amelie.jpg”>Yes.</a>

-Mazrim Taim


Here is the picture that forms my current backdrop, I made it myself at 3am for a bet, curse my ego!

The chick is not done by me, but the rest is :slight_smile:

Shalcar’s Backdrop!

All done in Photoshop 5LE, no less

I need to ind my Photoshop 7 CD again :stuck_out_tongue:

Weird, I thought about making a desktop thread just yesterday.
And why’s that pic blurred Xelo? You posted it in the picpostingthread anyw-- cough Whatever. Will post desktoppic as soon as I get up my butt and upload it somewhere.

It’s because I’m just using an image that I’m posting on about 15 other sites as well.

“Brightfully” is not a word.

No desktop for me 'sides the HP thingy. Gotta get one soon.

And love the calendar, Xelo.

…Here’d be mine… it used to be a nice view of my backyard covered in snow… but then it just got old since there’s no snow out there now… wah ;_;


Mah Home

Gotta love the Fooly Cooly background.

EDIT-Its my friend greg’s site, he mustve violated his TOS so just copy paste the location into your brower. Sorry -_-’



Gotta love him.


I think im going to change it soon but for now this is it.

how might you take a snapshot of your desktop?

For those of you who didn’t see it last time…

Originally posted by BlueMageOne
how might you take a snapshot of your desktop?

Print Scrn
Open Paint

Nice wallpaper Jack