Oh, those crayz German dudes...

Hezloo, everzone! :smiley:

I’ve been in Germanz for two weeks now, and things are great. Well, disregarding the fact that the fridge in our Wohngemeinshaft isn’t working well (not warm, but not exactlz cool either).

We’re having school three hours everz weekdaz, and though mz grammar is crap I think I can get along talking at least. :slight_smile: We had an interesting session zesterdaz about minor cultural differences between Germanz and Sweden. For example it’s apparentlz alright to speak zour mind here (“This coffee doesn’t taste well”), which is considered rude in Swedish (“This isn’t the best coffee I’ve ever had, but it’s alright” = means anzthing between “needs more milk” and “this is DISGUSTING”).

Things I’ve learnt:

  1. People clean a lot here. There’s a lot of old gum and cigarett stumps on the streets of course, but there’s hardlz anz discarded magayines and McDonald’s bags anzwhere.
  2. Zou can’t walk twentz meters without seeing a Starbucks.
  3. Traditional German food? Thez’ve got resturants for EVERZTHING but that.
  4. Thez don’t like cow meat either.
  5. Lifesiyed pink unicorns in tozstores should be designed to be anatomicallz correct. (MZ EZES.)
  6. People get married and buz clothes that are the wrong siye, all the time. I’ve never in mz life seen so manz shops for handsewn gowns and places where zou can get zour clothes fixed.

Zesterdaz I was supposed to have mz meeting with the boss at the place I’ll have mz trainee program part of this thing at. Unfortunatlz she got sick in the last minute.
Oh, and her name is Frau (ma’am) B.a.a.l (dots onlz in case somebodz does an ego search).

Meep? It was all Laharl’s idea! HONEST!

And in case zou’re wondering if I can’t use proper English anzmore, Z and Y are on opposite places as normal on these German kezboards. I’ve decided that it’s not worth the effort going back and correcting the mistakes I do all the time.

Anzwaz, I’m glad to see za’ll again, and that the internet hasn’t exploded zet despite the publication of the last Harrz Potter book. Mazbe when people get to the end, eh?

Potato houses.

Potato houses!


Seriously, if you can find one, go there. They rock.

Hugs Now proceed with happy.

Heh, B.a.a.l will either turn out demon links or the British Association for Applied Linguistics. Diablo 2 anyone?

Last time I was there I ate different cuisines every day but not once german. Now if you get your hands on family food, things change (if Wurst und Bier count).

I kind of want a German keyboard now.

No you don’t, qwertz sucks!

Keep having fun.

You know, that’s something I noticed about Germany too. The most German food thing I saw in Nuremberg were bratwurst stands. Everything else was fast food chains from north america and mediteranian felafel style things(which are a lot better than N.A. fast food). Bitterfeld was a little different, they had a really nice market where you could buy food that looked relatively German.

Those germans, so germaphobic.

Nice to hear that you’re doing alright. :smiley: derglompen

Nice. Sounds like fun :smiley: Wish I could see some of those toy stores, the Germans make such great board games :slight_smile:

Oh, y’know, you can pry the keys for Y and Z off the keyboard and switch them around >_>

That wouldn’t change what the input is, it would just make the keyboard LOOK like a regular keyboard without changing any functionality.