Sony ordered to stop selling PS2s, dual shock controllers, games

It probably won’t hold, but still…

The sun has stopped shining. :bowser:

While I feel for the fact that this random ass company should be payed rights (if they indeed patented the rumble feature of a controller) HOWEVER… Sony has done so much more than this 3rd party company would ever have. Thus I could care less what happens. I’d rather the underdog not get screwed over, but I loves me some sony.

Strangely enough I just couldn’t find any PS2 in:EB games,Sears,or KB toys,I swear if i hear one more:“We have the PSP” somebody is going to die.

Well this sucks, if only because it could ‘open the floodgates’ for more patent infringement lawsuits. Sony uses alot of ‘borrowed’ ideas for their hardware, and on the software side, they’ve been known to take code from open-source projects without citing.


In short:They’re fucked.
In long: They are so fucked up the ass the pain has turned to pleasure and back again.

Meh… really, I don’t think it’ll hold either. Sony can afford an army of lawyers with their loose change, so they can delay this for a looong while.

Not like it would be the end of the world…

BOOOM!coughno controllers? what a tradgedy!

HA! I already have a ps2 with two controlers

Patents: How to get rich without really doing anything.


Agreed. and this is like the probably 20th time theyve been sued over it. Heck Nintendo was planning on suing them over the PSP as they said it looked like a GBA SP

I’d say it looks more like the classic GBA than the GBA SP. Just my opinion though, I could be wrong.

Y’know what? I honestly can’t see this actually succeeding, Sony being Sony and whatnot.

Even if it does, I loves me Nexwave. (Second hand game store that has EVERYTHING)

Even Pong.

Joy, this will probably give them another reason to delay stuff like FF12 and Wild Arms Alter Code: F.