Oh no, it a n00b.

:yipee: :yipee:

A n00b is me! :hyperven: :hyperven:

Ok, that’ll be enough from me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, the name is… Proto, Agent Proto, and I am new here.

So like, welcome me?

Yes, you are a n00b, indeed. ;D

Welcome to RPGC, Proto. ^^ Do enjoy your stay here. ^^

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> Just a personal note people. This is Agent Proto from EOFF. He also appeared in TRT before (see Pirates Day on the Muk Day).

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/villians/kingkrool.gif”> Arrr, got to teach this land lover how things work at RPGC. goes to backroom

Welcome! Have a cookie.

A cookie…of DOOM!



Enjoy your stay.

Doing something like that marks you “n00b4Life”


*passes you a handgun

Just for safety, m’kay?

Oh, really? I had no idea.

Yeah, I’m the same Agent Proto from EOFF that Rirse mentions often, and I did appear in the Pirate Bowl. That was ace. :sunglasses: Thanks for the welcomes. I’m sure I can make this a third home.

Blessed salutations.

Wrong, this will now becoem your first home, with all your other homes becoming secondary summer houses.

Oh, and welcome, I’ll stab you later, I’m too busy right now.

Welcome to the RPGC.

Wrong, this will now becoem your first home, with all your other homes becoming secondary summer houses.

Or you could become a real estate agent, sell the other 2, make loads of money, and invest it all innnnnn-

Devillion Assorted Rubber Objects Inc!!!

“Hello, im the CEO of DARO inc. Please hand me your money, and take your stock on the way out. You may want to hurry up and get some of that stock, as this company can only remain solvent for 3 more seconds. 3…2…1…well, nice doing buisness with you agent pronto, congradulations on being the owner of 1000 shares of stock valued at .0000001 cent a share”

*runs off with prontos money

Welcome, I have a feeling that this will come in handy. Gives Agent Proto a large, rubber mallet Don’t worry, we’re perfecly sane (cough, cough)

And don’t believe what Alyx says about how she’s sane, she’s not.

:cool: Hello and welcome to rpgc!

I’m sane. Hello. or Hell (o)


On the door to your left is the path of nonsense , The door in the middle is the path to a normal forum goer and the door on the right is the path of mystery.

choose wisely…

PICK UP!!! cough I mean middle…

walks into the door to the left

OOh this is nonsense.

†† Oh, hello my pretty. Enjoy your stay. And don’t worry, I’m completely harmless…mwhahaaahahahaha…oh your veins have such a beautiful blue shimmering color…I like that… ††

Hello, I’m Strong Bad. You don’t know it yet, but I’m the reason you’re here.

I’m Yar Kramer. Yo.

I’m Vash, peace-loving guy!

I’m Mayl. I smash things with my mallet.

I’m Roll. I’m still not sure why I’m here.


Newb… I’d FLYANDEATYOU but I’ve had my fill as of late… So, continuing on… Please follow <strike>your overseers</strike>bosses to the <strike>mines, where you will work for the rest of your life</strike>candy store, which <strike>enslaves almost everyone at RPGC</strike>employs many RPOCers.