Oh my gosh it's snowing in Texas!

…and I kind of like it, except, it’s like really, really cold, and that’s not really my thing. Seeing as how this is such a rare thing, and the last time it happened was on Valentine’s Day, I was so esctatic that I just had to make a topic about it.

This whole cold weather thing that goes with it though, eh, I’m not so keen on that.

Where you guys live, is there a lot snow?

Houston is supposed to get snow flurries Christmas Eve.

What are snow flurries?

Hell has finally frozen over it seems.


Snow flurries are snow, but they melt when they hit the ground, so we won’t have any snow to run around in.

Edmonton. Yes, it snows here. We’ve been cursed (blessed?) with warm weather lately, and it’s been above 0 degrees (Celcius) a lot, even though it’s December.

But we’re getting cold now, and we’ve got a good 6 inches of snow.

If you think you’ve got it bad when it snows in Texas, Edmonton typically goes to -30 degrees around January, and we usually get a CRAPLOAD of snow every year.

The part of Washington State I live in has no snow :eek:

It doesn’t feel like Christmas without snow, but maybe that’s just me.

… Wow. It’s cold when it snows? You got nothing on the north.

-30!? See, that’s the reason why I enjoy my warm weather. I can’t stand the cold.

KDB: That’s what I thought it was, I heard that it wouldn’t stick from my Mom. Eh, it’s just something nice to look at anyway, then again, if I had to deal with the stuff every day I doubt it would seem so beautiful. Snow flurries, that’ll be the phrase of the day.

Not much, and it soon rains away. Snow is overrated anyway.

You people and your silly climate. Snow in Christmas? It’s 36 Celsius and I’m sweating my ass off.

Silly climate indeed, can’t ever tell if it’ll be a warm Christmas or a cold one. It just alternates at times. It’s really weird like that. The last week or so has seemed more like deep autumn then Winter beginning to rear it’s semi-ugly head.

If it was up to me, it would always be a green Christmas here.

Instead of snowing, it rained last night in this part of Texas. Oh joy. Nothing says It’s Christmas time like a little rain.

It rained here too, albeit I was asleep when it came over my area and it only lasted for a couple of hours after I woke up. I thought that meant there wouldn’t be any snow for whatever reason…heck, I brought out my camera and me and my sis took some pictures, of course, I’m sure she rushed inside just as quickly as I did afterward.

Seemed it stopped falling…it’s was really pretty while it lasted.

Cool. We had a little build up in Tennessee but nothing major.

woohoo!! Snow! runs around out side in pj’s

I’m sure I should be worried by CC’s last comment, yet instead I find it brings a sweet pwetty picture to mind.

looks at self EEP!! runs back inside, tail fluffed

No, CC lives in texas so the snow there is something for her and her overabundance of energy to go wild in.

Yeah, It’s pretty snowy here, although it’s been getting warmer the past few days so…