Oh my goodness...

Meh, it was an earthquake I doubt it was big I haven’t heard about it.

Most earthquakes are fun, as they aren’t strong enough to cause any damage.

I have experienced two in my lifetime, only one of them was strong enough to rattle the house any. It should be noted that this house is placed on a swamp, and that it because of that is easy to rattle.

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< @wangzang> OMFG
< @wangzang> whoa
< @wangzang> holy fucks
< @wangzang> jeseu i’m not kididings
< @wangzang> jesus christ
< @wangzang> omg mog mgoomgmgo
< SteamedHams> it must be shaking the shit out of your keyboard
< @wangzang> omog

I’ve never experienced an earthquake… :too bad;

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I only feel earthquakes if I turn my bass up too high :stuck_out_tongue:

That is why Squarepusher and Orbital are Gods.

We never get earthquakes over here. I don’t think there’ve been any in decades.

Vicki: Did you actually post that while the quake was happening? You are one composed lady.