Oh. My. GOD.

I’ve just finished reading the Akira manga, and I have to draw attention to how utterly amazing it is. It has one of those endings that leave you just sitting there staring at the book (or in my case the screen) just looking at the final cinematic and oh so cool page, speechless. About the only two times this has happened to me was the end of Cowboy Bebop and the end of Battle Angel Alita. Only like a thousand times better because it’s all so damned good Unlike the film, Neo-Tokyo gets destroyed as a intermission, and the film missed out three whole volumes! and and and the artwork is fantastic, some of the two page spreads look better than any drawings I’ve ever seen in comic-form.

I could probably type in broken sentences and ramble on for pages, so I’ll stop here and just scream at you to read it. And click the links in my sig if you can’t afford it. Forget the film, this slams it into the ground and rubs it’s face in the dust.


(Someone had to do it)