Oh My God!

They killed Spoony! You b@st@rds!

(I bet you could see this coming!)

picks up phone Hello? What? Yeah, I’ll tell him. hangs up
That was someone from a mile away. They said they saw that joke coming.

casts revive on Spoony He’ll come back in, oh, two days from this condition.

No, no, no. If you’re going to do the Kenny joke, do it properly:

:eek: Oh my god! You killed Spoony!

:hyperven: You bastard!

I knew this thread would come, somehow. Anyway. They can’t kill Spoony; unless he kills the comic first.

Oh, i don’t know, having the death of a character could be a good plot point for a story.

Except when it’s the creator of the comic.:stuck_out_tongue:

All I have to say is, “insert deus ex machina here.”

Wait, what’s Onslaught doing here?

Uh. Visiting?

Originally posted by Moon Beam Girl
Except when it’s the creator of the comic.:stuck_out_tongue:

You never read Project: Suck, did you? :wink:

Guh, the sub comics at Bob and George should get their own index page with news updates and junk, I hate when I miss a sub comic becasue I can never remember which and what date.

The sooner Rayearth does me a favour and leaves, the happier I’ll be. Where’s Windam?

Someone knows what I’m referring to… right?

Nope, 'fraid not.

Not a clue.

I think our dear author’s nemesis is failing to understand how dangerous it is to piss off certain members of RPGC , esp if he plans to attack it. Esp not those with limit breaks that go off as if the char has Tourette’s.

Heh, I think it’s safe to say that he’ll be strung up by his toes and begging for mercy by the time those guys are through with him.

…Wait a minute, doesn’t Ego have the hacker ability to change things in the comic?

He USED to, but Spoony found a way to stop him. Uh … Spoony … stop him … er … Never mind.

I say we go beat him up!

Yeah! Let’s see how he likes my power converters!

Ego will behold my mighty hand!

I, Garland, will knock him all down!

… What?

Spoony won’t stay dead, he’s the main character, and when he comes back, Ego, you’d better beware.

Ha! He’ll be LUCKY if Spoony gets him before WE do!

Yes, by the time Spoony arrives, Ego’ll have wasted some of his breath beating you up.

He’ll probably fall from the sky, nude, into some field and be quite confused.


Bad mental image! BAD MENTAL IMAGE!