Oh my God, it's full of Engrish! *dies*

The subtitles on the Gundam Seed Complete Box Set are so funny it’s painful. It doesn’t take away from Seed’s essential pwnability, but still…

Said by random voice when ZAFT warships are approaching
"This is sign of war! Stop with the forwarding!

Kira and Tolle
"You hear abot Lovers Letter?
“I heared already it.”

Mwu, asking whether it’s okay for the pilots to go on leave
“You sure it safe for ground them to step on?”

Plus the fact that names are horribly mangled, and that Kira is for some reason spelled as ‘Jira’ even though it’s blatently a ‘kay’ sound at the start.

I’m still watching it. This thing is better than AYB. XD

Let me guess. Chinatown subs, right? What do you expect?

I have the same problem with my “original Taiwan” Weiß Kreuz-box.

“Your fucky to have such a great mother and father…”

was the best.:cool:

Yojis name is spelled differently in almost every episode, like Voji, Youji, Josker…

And the subtitles were about 3-5 seconds to late…

But not every china-sub is that bad. I have a really good Gundam Wing sub from Taiwan.

The FFU DVDs that I borrowed from RC had the same problem… but not that bad :stuck_out_tongue:

You pay black market prices, you get black market quality =P

I care not. It’s double the fun. =D