Oh my God! I updated!

Finally I have found the time to update Repose, my pathetically unfinished fanfic site!

Admittedly I only finished uploading mine and Noacat’s fics, but whatthehell, it’s a start. I still need to get rid of that frikkin’ tank though…:fungah:

I’m needing help basically. I’m still gonna do the everyone-gets-a-real-FF-style-logo, even if it kills <strike>me</strike> Paintshop Pro, and the section where you can safely rant, and the list of Authors We Hate, but something tells me I need extra cool stuff. Any ideas? Please? tries to look cute and sad

EDIT: And suddenly, it is very hard to change images around. Sodding Geocities.com

What’s with your page? It cause in error in IE and closed.

Then I think I might cry. ;_;