Oh man!

I read today in the Weekly World News that the world’s largest cat was going on a low-carb diet! The front page said it was going on the “Atkitty’s” diet! HAHAHA!

I hope that it loses enough weight, poor kitty. =(

…you know the weekly world news lies, right?



yeah man, that cat isnt on a diet.

Let me guess, it can’t move without human help.

How old and how fat anyway? The cat I mean.

The tabloids… they’re like… the gospel. holds them close They don’t lie!! ;;;


I looked it up, there is NO “Atkitty’s” diet!

Wow…that’s all I can say about all this. Wow. shakes head in disgust

I saw a headline a coupla days ago that said the world’s fattest cat hit 80 pounds.

Dunno if it’s the same one tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw a WWN article a while back about a man from texas that weighed two tons and ate 50 beef steaks a day.

Is it the same world’s largest cat that the 600 pound woman sat on?

Someone sat on the poor kitty? ;_;

It was in a tabloid, I think it was the WWN, a couple months ago.

The headline was something like “600 lb woman adopts world’s fattest cat… and sits on it! Meeouch!”

That was you. :hahaha;

Tabloid titles.
Aren’t they great?

Tabloids are an example of how people will do anything to make a buck. Sure, they may be amusing to read sometimes, but I just think they’re waste of money, trees, and human resources.

Just to follow up on what I said earlier, I saw the WWN again today, it said the cat weighed 80 pounds and that it’s going on the “Catkins Diet.” El-oh-freakin-el.

Tabloids don’t lie! How else would we know that Oprah is actually a man, Bill Clinton has two penises and that a few years back Michael Jackson’s nose was falling off?