Oh man, what the hell Nasu?

Carnival Phantasm, a series of OVAs based on a (self)parody manga grouping most characters from TYPE-MOON’s works, as you can imagine it’s not exactly plot-heavy and… I’m sorry I just can’t stop looking at Nrvnqsr doing the arm wave thing.

For a little bit of context, most characters shown here are either murderers, insane monsters, hardass stern assholes, victims of inhuman torture, eldritch abominations or several of the above. Most of these guys would kill each other on sight. That’s Greek demigod Herakles in the feather headdress. It’s just so… so… DUMB. That’s pretty much the joke I guess, get a bunch of characters in utterly ridiculous situations.

I’ll still watch the hell out of it though. It’s being directed by the same guy that did Seto no Hanayome, so it ought to be good.

I saw that on /a/ recently and I can just say: Oh HELL yes. I’m so going to watch that when it gets subbed.

Somehow, I suspect there won’t be any dying when someone’s killed in this.

That said, no Kara no Kyoukai? I am disappoint.

Looks like it’s only going to be Tsukihime/Melty Blood and Fate.

That said, I will watch the shit out of this.

I recently found the fansubs for the first episode and it’s exactly what you’d expect from the promo videos.
In other words, I fucking love it and just can’t wait for the second episode.


I need to actually get into Tsukihime and that stuff. It’s sort of just been there, and I’m aware of it and all, I just haven’t, y’know, tried it out.

If you do, I recommend the game instead of the anime.
The anime just cuts out too much.
The game tells a LOT more about… Well, everything. Especially each of the important female characters by giving them their own route. Except for Satsuki, of course. [strike]Isn’t it sad, Sacchin?[/strike]
It’s kinda funny but this image is actually a major reason why I started playing the game. :wink:

Hah, yeah, I already knew about “Isn’t it sad, Sacchin?” … but yeah, I was pretty much pointed game-ward to begin with.