Oh man, oh man!


More WA:ACF info! There are at least 6 playable characters, including Rudy, Jack, Cecilia, Emma, McDullen, and Jane! Their character pages are up too.

But even better… click on the first and second links on the Updates sections… and you can view a trailer video!

YUM. dr00lz


Thank you, God.

Did you watch the battle sample movie? It’s beautiful… simply beautiful! Watch the summons; the Moor Gault one is incredible!

latches himself onto Sony I don’t need you anymore, Square Enix. As long as I have this game, I’ll be happy. 8)

That just keeps getting better and better.

Also on the character page it has Capt Bartholomew, does that mean he is playable as well?

Currently, it’s not mentioned if you can play as him. I’m pretty sure he’s just there for a character profile (they’ll add more soon.)

I’m pretty sure the game will feature a 6-character team, where you play 3 at a time and switch during battle if needed (like WA2).


I suppose I have to buy a PlayStation2 soon.

:yipee: :yipee: :yipee: YES!


ARRRRGH!!! My Windows Media Player won’t play the movies!! Anybody know what’s wrong?

In any case, thanks for the link, Dalton. NOW I know that this isn’t just gamer gossip- they ARE remaking (AND making a sequel to!) the first WILD ARMS!!!

I’m particularly happy because WA was one of the first RPGs I ever played (it was the fourth, I think) and I never thought I would ever see these characters again. I still remember the ending where the characters walk into the sunset, in typical Western style!

BTW, in my opinion, WA has the BEST team of villains of any RPG (they seemed to have one of every type!) …It also had the WORST looking battle graphics, but surely THAT will get fixed in the remake.