Oh, Japan. You land of silly perverts.


Heh, I laughed at the article this was mentioned in.

What is it?

An electronic moving vagina with a controller to adjust the speeds.

What the hell, Japan? Stop messing around already and start making android registered companions.

But for what purpose? Certainly a mechanogina could not produce a human babe. And a fine babe it would be.

レドカッメトさん、SOM が大好きですか?

What is wrong with your computer?

You know GSG, every thread I visit I see a post from you for every one or two posts not made in a dispute. And every time I view a post of yours I find that its nothing more than a single sentence, and one that’s usually redundant or completely off topic.

So can you possibly stop spamming posts for the sake of cranking up your post count already?

Also that is not an electric vagina. If you want to know what it does, order one and sit on it.

When I saw the Petit SOM link my mind immediately flashed to “They made a version for CHILDREN?” Thankfully it’s real purpose is much more mundane and normal.

I find it hilarious the the word ‘real’ is in quotes on their page.

The japanese page is a lot more informative, even when you can’t read any of it. why isn’t the hand type adverstised on the english site!
how convenient.

There should have been more warning given… When it was first posted I clicked it while at school. I’m glad they had no demo photos!!!

Let this be a lesson to you to never click on anything involving ‘Lol Japan’ in a public setting.

I think these are fine products, you could shove a tooth brush in there and get yerself a urethra scrub.

“Perverts” belongs to the NSFW list, unless you work in a specific industry with puffy lips and lots of small pills.